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    BREAKING: Brooklyn Nets Front Office And Kevin Durant AGREE!

    As many know, the Brooklyn Nets have had a hell of an offseason. However, while they had a thousand issues to handle at once they prioritized the biggest issue in SF Kevin Durant. Durant requested a trade early this offseason and it ruptured the entire NBA. In fact, several teams were willing to send many of their assets to acquire him. Yet, no deal offered appeased the Brooklyn Nets front office enough.

    As of today, this morning, the Nets have issued a statement saying both parties have come to a mutual understanding and will be moving forward with basketball. Many enjoyed and shared the sentiment, while others were extremely disappointed in Durant’s actions. Former Minnesota Timberwolves PG Patrick Beverley shared some strong opinions on Durant’s action and charades performed all off-season. 

    “We have agreed to move forward with our partnership,” read a Twitter statement from Sean Marks, the Nets’ general manager. “We are focusing on basketball, with one collective goal in mind: build a lasting franchise to bring a championship to Brooklyn.”

    “It’s not good business. These owners can’t wait until new deal comes,” Beverly said. All we doing is hurting the future. Good day. Blessing Gang”

    However, Durant responds:

    Is Kevin Durant Wrong or Right?

    Durant is remaining in Brooklyn this upcoming season. There’s no secret the Nets have underachieved over the past few seasons. Yet, the big three have banded together to give this an opportunity to run this back one more time. Many believe Kyrie Irving will be taking his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers to rejoin LeBron James. The Nets being swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round of last year’s playoffs clearly left a bad taste in the entire organization’s mouth. Shortly after, rumors of Kevin Durant being traded to Boston and Memphis began surfacing, according to NBC Sports.

    Both Durant and Irving weren’t happy with Nash and Marks’ leadership with the team regarding the vaccine. Not to mention, the Nets refused to extend Irving a long-term contract. The Nets plate their season opener on Oct. 19 in Brooklyn against the New Orleans Pelicans.


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