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    Brazzers And SSUR Debut “Adult Materials” Capsule Collection

    Brazzers, the world’s leading premium adult entertainment brand, and SSUR, the renowned streetwear brand from Russ Karablin, unveiled the ‘Adult Materials’ streetwear collection, an unprecedented match when talking streetwear and adult films inspired from NYC’s 70s and 80s eras.
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    The capsule collection, according to Brazzers, will be the first of many as a projected “busy 2019” approaches. It includes all of the following: a latex raincoat, an all-over print jogging suite, a velour sweatsuit, t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, disposable camera, socks, joggers, an un-constructed strap back, and the stand-out piece, the Brazzers x SSUR High-Top Sneaker.

    The SSUR design team and Brazzers marketing team would pitch ideas/features of the sneaker, packaging, and aesthetic back and forth for months. The color-way was simple from the get-go; a black/yellow/white sneaker true to the combined brand colors of Brazzers and SSUR was the ideal choice.

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    The collection will be dropping on, on and in-store at SSUR Los Angeles on December 8th. Price points are pretty decent too ($30-$250). Oh and just so you know, to purchase any item, buyers must be 18 years or older.

    Check out the full digital lookbook here:

    So, how do you feel about the new capsule collection? Please comment below and in other style news, visit here. 

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