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    The Pitt Jolie Petty Wars Continue!!

    Angelina Jolie is one of the most respected actors of this era. Now it seems that Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-stars are back to feuding again.

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are back at there petty wars. The former married couple’s ongoing divorce battle is starting to turn ugly. At the moment the Marvel universe “Eternals” star is looking to claim a French mansion in the divorce settlement. In addition, the Pitt Jolie petty wars continue with no peace in sight.

    “Ange has been back in France recently and made a pilgrimage to the chateau and its winery – which she still shares with Brad.”
    “They did have a gentleman’s agreement that they’d share it, since it is a lucrative business enterprise, but when Angie returned to the property, she realized how much she loves it – and how much it would drive Brad crazy if she took it from him.”

    Pitt has a strong appreciation for the property in question. Furthermore, it seems as though Angelina is picking a fight with her ex-husband. Above all, the couple allegedly called it quits back in 2016. At the moment Pit is working to release a tell-all memoir. We’re pretty sure that this latest bit of chaos will be mentioned somewhere in the book.

    “Brad loves that place and is very proud of his status as a winemaker, and knows Angie would probably just sell it, or worse, demolish it, just to be nasty,” the source shared, who added Pitt has lawyered up over the mater. “He will fight to the end to make sure he gets to keep his Chateau. ”
    “Brad is still sober and has been working on this book for quite some time,” a source close to the Fight Club star revealed, noting, “He is just waiting for all of this drama with Angelina and the kids to be over and done with.”

    In conclusion, who do you think will get the french mansion, Is Brad Pitt completely clean now? How will the Pitt Jolie petty wars end? Will he ever be able to reconcile his relationship with Angelia Jolie? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Emma McIntyre/ Getty Images 2019


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