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    Drake “The Boy”, Did You Really Have To Flex Your Juice??

    Earlier this year we were devastated when the Toronto Raptors decided to trade DeMar DeRozan to the Spurs. It was a surprise that came out of nowhere.

    Kyle Lowry was the one who took it the hardest, as the pair were considered the core of the team. However with the addition of Kawhi Leonard, has made established the team as a top contender.

    When LeBron left the Cavaliers, the organization made his locker a towel rack. So what did Toronto do for DeRozan’s locker??

    Well apparently they gave the locker to “The Boy”. The boy referring to none other than the commercial artist Drake.

    We find it weird, but as the ambassador of the Raptors it makes sense.

    The Boy” really has that juice, and keeps talking that trash…. Seems like Drake is living the dream.


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