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    Bow Wow Reveals Lil Wayne & Solange Knowles Secret Relationship

    Hollywood is full of high-profile relationships. Most of us love hearing about the love lives of our favorite public icons. The life of fame and fortune is full of major secret relationships. Rap star Lil Wayne, had plenty of public relationships throughout the years but there’s courtship the paparazzi missed. The details of the rapper’s mystery woman were revealed by none other than former child rapper Bow Wow.

                         Bow Wow Spills The Tea

    Secret Relationship
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    Bow Wow was a major rap star during the early 2000s and is often known for his chart-topping tracks “Take Ya Home”, “Thank You” and “Basketball.” After several album delays, Bow Wow, who currently goes by Shad Gregory Moss, retired from rapping in 2016. The beloved rapper now spends his days caring for his children. Despite the 33-year-old leaving the limelight, he’s kept close ties with a few friends in the Hip-Hop industry. In fact, the rapper recently appeared on the new social media, invite-only app Clubhouse to discuss his early career.

    At one point, Moss let slip that Lil Wayne and Solange Knowles were involved in a secret relationship. The 33-year-old revealed that the “the two dated in secret while the public only viewed them as acquaintances.” Not to mention, the two were musically involved with one another as they collaborated on Knowles track “Mad” off her A Seat At The Table album. UrbanIslandz even reports dating rumors surfaced in 2006 and again in 2007, which were supposedly debunked by Knowles. Many even speculated that Lil Wayne caused Knowles to divorce from her then husband Daniel Smith in 2008. Guess the rumors proved true in the end.

    Bow Wow Doesn’t Read The Room

    What makes the big reveal all the more hilarious is while Moss recounts the past relationship, he assumes everyone knows. The “Take You Home” rapper casually went on talking about his early career as Bow Wow, completely aloof to the fact that he just dropped a major Hollywood secret.

    Fans immediately took to the comments on social media to express how “shook” they were by Lil Wayne’s and Solange Knowles secret relationship. Many fans hilariously wrote, “No Bow Wow, we didn’t know that” and “If we didn’t know, we know now.” Bow Wow clearly didn’t read the room.

    What about you in the comments? Are you surprised to know Lil Wayne and Solange Knowles dated?


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