Both Drake & Kylie Had Christmas Stalkers

Kris, kylie, Drake

2015 has been a year of success for both Drake and Kylie Jenner, but success comes trouble. Jenner’s alleged stalker has been caught on her property for the 11th time.

TMZ reported that a man, who has been caught on Jenner’s property before, escaped the psych ward and returned to Jenner house for the 11th time. The guy reportedly believes that he and Jenner are soulmates.

Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner recently fired her entire security team after a different man pretended to have a meeting with Kris to sneak in her house, and had security take him to her office, which she was in at the moment. The man walked into her home while Kim Kardashian and baby Saint West were on the property.

He showed up to Jenner’s security gate and set off the alarm during her holiday party, which Drake was attending.

Drake’s case is a little less deranged then Jenner’s. His intruder is an 18-year-old fan named Skylar Stevenson. She jumped over the gate on Drake’s property, and was arrested before she could enter the house.


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