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    Boston’s Rosewood Bape wants to keep applying pressure after recently releasing his album ‘RO$EGOLD’

    Fresh off the release of his album RO$EGOLD in August, Rosewood Bape’s back in the lab again with the release of loose single “Daily” featuring HIghbridge’s DJ JFresh. Eerily similar to fellow rapper Future’s cadence on the beginning of “Diamonds Dancing” off his collaborative commercial mixtape with Drake, Bape sets the mood of the track in the intro expressing his displeasure in a female companion that says she just wants sex, and he doesn’t want to leave, but is ultimately “crazy” (Aren’t all girls crazy? Feminist Twitter, please don’t come for me :))
    Album RO$EGOLD
    “She say that she love me, but she crazy,” Bape said on the hook. “She just want to fuck me ’cause I’m wavy.”

    And just like that, the track takes a turn on the next two bars when Bape states he’s getting to the bag, or money, daily while making the competition angry as a result of his financial success. Interweaving through securing the bag and messing with his female companion, Bape has an epiphany in the first verse that ultimately he should focus on chasing money, not women. But, Bape will mess around with his female companion as he pleases.

    “When I ain’t around I make her crazy,” Bape said on the first verse. “I just want the money, it’s my favorite. She be lookin’ at me like save me. I can’t trust no ho, I can’t save her.”

    With a base-filled trap beat that would pop up on a Future type-beat YouTube search, Bape and DJ JFresh combine to deliver a solid single by chance on a recent trip to New York.

    “I made this song when I was in the studio in New York,” Bape said. “Me and the guys just came from ACES strip club and I got a call from DJ JFresh telling us to head down to his studio. We went down and he played some beats for me to vibe to that (producer) Jamz made. I instantly started vibing and freestyling to the record and from there we recorded Daily.”

    The Bean Town native has a long way to go before he’s idolized as much as Boston’s beloved Red Soxs, but the future’s bright for Bape. Initially premiered by our friends at Elevator, Bape, 24, has began to gain traction in the industry the last couple of months, recently making a club appearance with our city’s own PnB Rock in September.

    Rising through the ranks of Boston’s music scene, Bape is in steady rotation on JAM 94.5FM, a prominent Boston area radio station. With a perpetually growing fanbase, Bape, if he keeps applying pressure with new music, could be what Meek Mill is to Philadelphia in Boston within the next two years. As of now, Bape has amassed just under two thousand and four thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram, respectively. And with less than 20 uploaded tracks, Bape’s obtained just under three thousand SoundCloud followers.

    A Mattapan native, Bape earned his nickname in high school, and it stemmed from his endless assortment of A Bathing Bape, he said. Bape said he began his music career uploading songs on the de facto number one social media website at the time Myspace. Bape described his style as melodic and that he wants re-invent Boston’s Hip-Hop identity, an identity that lacks a big name in the genre to date.

    It was in 2015 when Bape caught his big break with breakthrough single “Taxi” when he caught the attention of DJ ESCO and Future, Bape said. With the release of “Daily” on top of his recently released album, Bape has his eyes on the top of the music industry, not just Boston. Time will be our judge.

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