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    Paul Pierce trade has Boston Celtics on the verge of dynasty

    In one of the most bizarre trade aftermaths in recent history, the Boston Celtics, currently in the playoffs, managed to snag the top pick in the NBA Draft Tuesday night, because of a high profile trade a few years back.

    The Celtics were able to be in contention for the pick, because of their trade with the Brooklyn Nets in 2013 when they shipped Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry for three first round picks. A strategic trade clause gave the Celtics the option to swap first round picks with the Nets, the worst team in Basketball, and they did.

    To add injury to insult, the Celtics hold the rights to the Nets’ first round pick for next year. The Celtics are the first team to finish the top of their conference, and hold the first overall draft pick since the ‘82 Lakers.

    The bizarre scenario had Paul Pierce, retired, former Celtic, trolling the Celtics on Twitter.

    “And look what I leave behind for the Celts on my way out (number one) pick,” Pierce said.

    Looking ahead, the Celtics are in prime position to establish a dynasty in the coming years if they play their cards right. Currently, they’re playing for a chance to make it to the NBA finals, but if they don’t they’ll be able add the necessary pieces this year, and next as we don’t expect the Nets to significantly improve.

    As for the Nets, a high risk/high reward trade for aging greats at the time has set the franchise back for the foreseeable future (Where’s Jay-Z when you need him?)


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