Here’s Our Favorite Instagram “Booty Twerking” Sessions

Our Favorite Instagram “Booty Twerking” Sessions

It’s summertime – and “Booty Twerking” is at large.

We’re not sure where you’re currently reading this from, but we all know that Summer doesn’t last that long. That is unless you live in Florida, Atlanta, L.A. or Texas. And in some rare cases, the Caribbean.

We could’ve roamed the streets and asked the prettiest women to “twerk” for our cameras, but we decided not to for our safety. Some ladies take pride in shaking what the man above blessed them with. Others take offense and start swinging “God-knows-what-that-heavy-thing-is-in-their-purse.”

So without further due, we present to you our favorite IG twerk sessions. Brought to you by the lovely ladies of the United States of “A.”


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