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    Boosie BadAzz is Making Sure You Don’t Swagger Jack His Swag for Free

    Boosie BadAzz doesn’t want anyone capitalizing off his haircut, unless it’s him. The rapper was a guest on BET’s Raq Rants, and he discussed getting his signature haircut trademarked.

    It’s a smart move, considering how Hollywood is known to steal ideas and easily make millions from it. Just take Young Busco for example. Busco created the famous “what are those” line, which was used in the hit movie Black Panther. His line wasn’t trademarked, so he received $0 for his contributions to urban culture. Black Panther went on to make over $900 million in box office sales alone.

    Boosie said,”I got Ms. Vanessa working on it. We on it,” in reference to getting the paperwork ready.


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