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    If You Have the Munchies, then Boosie Badazz’s Home is the Place to Go

    Ok, so who remembers the nights when the only thing in the fridge was nothing?

    Well, it looks like Boosie Badazz is trying his hardest not to let his children experience that. The rapper posted a video of the inside of his kitchen’s fridge and pantry, and it is stocked!

    Our only question is…where’s the real food Boosie, because it looks like cavity heaven in that jawn.

    In the video, you can hear him repeat the words, “My children eat good.”

    Of course, you do see some some frozen food shown, but majority of the options are sugary snacks. There’s an endless supply of donuts, cereal, juice, and chips on the shelves.

    Either way though, our guess is that not too many would complain.

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