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    Boosie Badazz Decides To Go Back To School

    Several celebrities have dropped out of school to pursue a career in the entertainment business. Fortunately, those same celebrities return to school, later on in life, to further their education. Even hip-hop stars like Nick Cannon enrolled into a college university to pursue a degree in subjects that interested them. For instance, Megan Thee Stallion has made it known that she’s pursuing a degree in Health Administration. Even still, no one expected Boosie Badazz to go back to school.

         The Baton Rouge Rapper Plans To Return To School

    back to school
    Boosie Badazz via HipHopDX

    Given Boosie Badazz’s harassment of Lil Nas X, it seemed unlikely for the rapper to further his education. At 39-years-old, the rapper clearly has enough sense to refocus his sights on the more important things in life.

    Recently, the Baton Rouge rapper publicly announced that he plans to enroll into a college in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. Specifically speaking, Badazz noted the he’ll enroll into Jackson State University in 2022. He’ll apply for the following semester.

    “I just want to tell y’all, y’all always been supportive of me and it’s a big secret . . . I wasn’t gon let this out but I’m enrolling in Jackson State next semester.”

    Looks like Boosie Badazz finally decided to do something productive with his free time.

        Badazz Yearns To Feel Like “A Normal Person” Again

    back to school
    Boosie Badazz via Hip-Hop Wired

    People always want their five minutes of fame. Though, it seems like celebrities want the exact opposite. In making his “going back to school” announcement, Badazz revealed that he wants to feel like a normal, average Joe again. According to the rapper, he admits to “missing that part of my life.” Additionally, Boosie Badazz claims that he still has a few pockets of knowledge left that he wishes to “explore further.”

    That’ll be interesting to see in action.


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