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    Boosie Badazz: “Make America Great Again & Beat Yo Motherf*ckin Kids!”

    Boosie Badazz is keeping up with the tradition of grabbing a switch from the tree out front, so he can light fire to that a**.

    The rapper admits that even though it’s 2019, boosie badazz beating kids like they stole something.

    “I’m a fun daddy, but I discipline them too. I don’t beat them too bad, but I beat they ass. I give ’em a good ole fashion ghetto whooping. You spare the rod, you spoil the child.” 

    Obviously, Boosie doesn’t agree with taking it easy on your children, especially if they’ve done something wrong. He believes that if you don’t discipline your children the right way, they’ll walk all over you.

    It’s good ole fashion beatings that make America great…not that weak ass timeout shit.

    The Hollywood Unlocked has the rest of what Boosie has to say:

    “What they having going on today is wrong… Parents going to jail for disciplining they kids? The world has changed. You can’t even whoop your child and send them back to school with a bruise.”

    Boosie has about seven children, and they’re all drugged up on sugar. Have you ever seen his kitchen pantry? It’s full of nothing but sugary sweets. No wonder, Boosie has his hands full with the belt…his kids probably can’t sit still long enough to follow directions.

    “I chew ’em out. I chew ’em out in front of they other brothers and sisters and they don’t like that. They don’t like to get embarrassed in front of they brothers and sisters… Other than that. If they out of line I beat they ass… And sometimes it falls back on me because I play with my kids a lot.” 

    At the end of the day, the Baton Rouge rapper calls himself a pretty cool dad.

    Just don’t test him.

    Thoughts? What’s your opinion on Boosie Badazz beating kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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