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    Bong Joon Ho Top 5 Movies Thats Oscar Worthy

    “Parasite” is 2020’s movie of the year!!!

    Bong Joon Ho became a household name when “Parasite” won movie of the year at the 2020 Oscars. However, he should have been a household name from other films that were good and Oscar-worthy. Check out our top 5 Bong Joon Ho movies.

    5.Okja (2017)

    Picture of Okja and Mija from Okja

    Okja is a unique movie. Its somewhat made for kids, but more so made for adults that is a kid in their heart. The film tells the story of Mija, a South Korean mountain girl who raised a genetic super pig name, Okja. Okja was initially made to be the future of human consumption, but the girl who grew him for ten years saw something different. After those ten years past, the company that made Okja took her away, and now it’s up to Mija to get her friend back.
    Okja is a heartwarming film that has gore and adult contact. Don’t think it’s just a kid movie when it’s so much more. Check it out; it is on Netflix as we speak.

    4. Snowpiercer

    The cast of Movie Snowpiercer

    Snowpiercer is Boon Jong Ho’s first English-language film and arguably one of his best pieces of work. If your tired of seeing Chris Evans in the red, white, and blue, then check him out in this gritty apocalyptic movie. Snowpiercer tells the story of rich vs. poor in an intriguing setting. The Earth has frozen, and all the survivors are left on a vast high powered train. However, everyone is not treated equally. People who are in the back of the train are treated like trash, and the people in the front are treating like gods. One day, the people in the back rebels and decides to try and overtake the front cars. The movie does an excellent job of being suspenseful and gives Chris Evans one of his best performances outside of the MCU.

    3. Mother

    Picture of Kim Hye-Ja from a scene of “Mother.”

    Not the Jennifer Lawrence version, but one that is ten times better. Kim Hye-Ja’s performance in Bong Joon Ho’s fourth movie, Mother, was one to behold. She portrays a mother who is trying to save her mentally disabled son from a murder crime he didn’t commit. This movie has plenty of twists and turns that will have viewers stuck to their TV. Trust me; it deserves this spot.

    2. The Host

    Bong Joon Ho

    Park Hyun‑Seo running from the creature
    The Host is one of those movies that will give you a mixed assortment of emotions. You can go from scared to laughing in a blink of an eye, while at the same time be happy that you’re watching it. “The Host” is about what happens when your government doesn’t correctly destroy their nuclear waste, and the fish that’s effect by it mutates into man-eating creatures. They terrorize, eat, and kidnap the civilians of South Korea. However, one of the mutated fish took a young girl whose family is determined to get her back, no matter the cost.


    Ok, I know you already knew it, but Parasite is number one for so many reasons that’s I’m just going to tell you to watch it, instead of describing it to you. The camera work is fantastic, the story is brilliant, and the acting is one of a kind. You will be in love after watching this movie. That’s all I’m saying, so watch it. Words can’t describe its brilliants at all.

    I hope this list helps give you a good movie night that you and yours will enjoy. Aye, if you enjoy this list, then make sure you comment below and tell us what I’m missing.

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