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    Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Believes LGBTQ+ Is A Disease To His Presidency

    It seems like Jair Bolsonaro has plenty of issues with who comes into Brazil.

    While in the midst of speaking with reporters in Brasilia last week, Brazil’s President shared a couple of words. He wants LGBTQ+ tourist to keep out of his Country.

    “If you want to come here and have sex with a woman, go for your life,” said Bolsonaro, per The Guardian. “But we can’t let this place become known as a gay tourism paradise. Brazil can’t be a country of the gay world, of gay tourism. We have families.”
    “Bolsonaro’s homophobic remarks will have social and economic repercussions for Brazil,” said John Tanzella, president of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, in a statement to Reuters. “His hate speech not only deters LGBTQ+ travelers but also their allies around the world.”

    Make no mistake about it, Jair Bolsonaro isn’t too fond of other things as well. This was made evident once he campaigned on anti-black, anti-indigenous, anti-women, and anti-LGBTQ+ platforms last year. He believes that “gender ideology” is a danger to children.

    “Yes, I’m homophobic — and proud of it,” he said.

    Since his arrival in office back in January, the President of Brazil has ignored LGBTQ+ issues. In addition, he has already implemented plants to remove content surrounding the gay community from schools. Trump is one that openly supports the Brazil President.

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