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    Bobby Shmurda Threatens NBA YoungBoy Over The Internet

    One thing that never made sense to me(and never will), is back-and-forth arguments over the internet. Call me old-fashioned, but I never saw the point in talking tough via Instagram. Because nine times out of ten, they wouldn’t even dare to say these things in real life. Bobby Shmurda’s and NBA YoungBoy’s viral argument over the weekend truly might’ve made me lose brain cells.

    Fake Beef

    It’s so hard these days to keep up with the current beef in the rap game. We are far past the Biggie and Tupac days. It feels like now they are falling out over the smallest shit possible. Once I tell you the reasoning for their bad blood, you’re going to wish I didn’t.

    This all started when Bobby posted a video saying he was tired of rappers bragging about stuff their friends did. NBA YoungBoy felt a way because he assumed he was the person Bobby was referring to. In typical YoungBoy fashion, he immediately responded with a series of videos. He called Bobby some of the most creative nicknames possible. He went to going as far as calling him a slave and a clout chaser.

    To make matters worse, Bobby responded even more ignorantly. You’d hope that he’d taken the high road since he’s older, but he did the complete opposite. He stooped down to YoungBoy’s level of immaturity and took it a step further. On his Instagram story, we could see him yelling into his camera, sending out pointless threats. You would think Bobby would make more logical decisions when it hasn’t even been a year since they have released him from prison.

    Makes No Sense

    By far, this has to be the most random beef of 2023. In my eyes, “thumb thuggin” will never be gangster or cool to me. I’m almost sure this won’t be the last time either one of these artists starts a feud.


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