The Future Motorcycle s Already Here

BMW Vision Future Motorcycle

Remember when the future seemed so distant? When we could watch Mission Impossible, James Bond and X Men glide through their world and we sat in awe. Well gents, that time is long gone and we have our first taste of the future. Following a wave of technologically advanced roll-outs, BMV is next up, unveiling its’ latest model, the BMW Vision Next 100. Its black triangular frame resembles the very first BMW model, but with mega enhancements. Designed with flexible joints, the Vision Next 100 is better than the movies. It even has an adjustable steering function that allows you to shift between strength. Powered by a zero-emissions drive unit, it can balance itself and make a traditional dashboard look obsolete. Man, the future never looked so good. For more information on the BMW Vision Next 100, visit here.


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