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    Blueface Watches as Chrisean Rock Fights Two Women While Pregnant

    Not even Blueface’s bun in the oven can get her to calm down. An argument between Chrisean Rock and some unknown women quickly turned physical as Blueface stood by and watched his future baby momma fighting yet again.

    Chrisean crashed Blueface’s birthday party

    The LA based rapper was having a party at his home on Friday to celebrate his 26th birthday, and Chrisean stormed the event in an effort to get to him. Apparently her plan was to bum rush Blue by dropping in on him at his home before the footage of the brawl took place.

    The video was shot early on Saturday in Chatsworth, close to Blueface’s house.

    When trying to flee in his car, Blueface was followed by a large group of people, which resulted in a big fight out on the street 1 block away from his apartment.

    In addition to denying that the child is his, Blueface also claimed that he and Chrisean were over. She may have wanted to mend fences, but it doesn’t appear like it worked out well.

    Will Chrisean Rock ever prioritize her baby over all of these meaningless fights? Will this horribly toxic relationship ever come to an end? When will we ever hear more music from these two? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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