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    Blueface New Hugh Hefner!! Smashin All Hoes!!!

    Blueface baby, he’s every woman’s fantasy!

    He better get a grip of his little friend, before it falls off. It just isn’t safe for Blueface, or any other man or woman, to have sex with as many people as he claims to have taken to bed. It’s evident that Blueface new Hugh Hefner of this era, smashing just about any chick that he wants.

    The Los Angeles rapper is running around Hollywood claiming that he’s slept with more women than he can name. At first, the rapper claimed he’d slept with at least 1,000 women in the past six months. Then The Hollywood Unlocked revealed that he actually jumped a few more since then. Instead of it being 1,000 women, the number increased by ten. Blueface said that since that interview, he’d been between the legs of 10 more women, which takes the number to 1,010.

    But hold on, that’s not where it ends. Since the interview with Big Boy, Blueface has obviously grown restless.

    He appeared on Real Street, and concluded that he gets way more ladies than he leads us all to believe.

    Are you ready for this?

    Blueface’s real body count has reached 10,000 women– those are his words, not ours. The host of Real Street asked for an update on his sexual history since the last time.

    “Is it more than a thousand, were you being humble?”

    Blueface responds:

    “Might have been a little humble, you know. They said the average was five a day.”  “10,000, f**k it. 10,000!”

    If Blueface isn’t careful, he could end up like Magic Johnson— or worse– he could end up like Eazy E from NWA. But hopefully, he’s smart enough to keep it wrapped up. However, knowing some women, it’s only a matter of time before he gets trapped.

    And honestly, at this point, maybe he should join sex addicts anonymous…or a sex club. 

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    I like fuccin all my bitches call me fuccer

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    Thoughts? How are you feeling about Blueface having sex with at least 10,000 women? What are your thoughts on Blueface new Hugh Hefner of this era? Do you believe it? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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