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Hypefresh Caught up with Singer/writer/actress Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans has been involved in the music industry for almost two decades, yet her best days are still ahead of her. The Bronx native is probably most famous for her role in Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” Or you may know her from her hit single Promise Ring ft, Ciara. However, there is much more to the former child star then what the average fan might know or assume about Ms. Evans.

Hypefresh got a chance to talk with Tiffany about a wide range of topics, including her Bronx upbringing, breaking the child star stigma, and her growth as a woman and artist.

The first thing you notice about Tiffany Evans when talking to her is the down to earth vibe she naturally gives off.  Upon taking the call, Tiffany was very gracious and respectful, while her soft angelic voice gave off just the right dose of confidence. Her words are smooth and non-threating yet assured and unafraid.

She speaks as a woman who has experienced life from both ends of the good and bad spectrum but hasn’t let the bad turn her bitter.

The first thing we discuss is how her Bronx upbringing has influenced her artistry and her style. You can hear the singer brighten up at the thought of her home.

You were born and raised in the Bronx, which is the birthplace for hip-hop. How has that influenced your artistry?

TIFFANY: The Bronx is full of flavor. People of all different walks of life. Not just the borough, but New York period has a different hustle and passion. I use that spirit when it comes to my music and work ethic. Going back home is always inspirational for me, as well.

She gives props to other Bronx natives such as J-lo and Cardi-B for doing a fantastic job of representing the city and applauds J-lo for how she built an empire that expands beyond entertainment.

From there, we went on to discuss how Tiffany Evans became such a polished performer at such a young age

You have been in the music industry for a while, at nine you performed at the Apollo, at ten you completed Star Search with a perfect score how did you become such a polished performer at such an early age?

TIFFANY: I was raised in a household where we listened to and studied a lot of the greats like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, James Brown, etc. and I always wanted to exhibit the same passion as them when I am on stage. I took notes very early and started to do that in my performances.

However, Tiffany also acknowledges that being a child star isn’t all glitter and gold. Growing up in the music industry exposes you to a-lot more, a lot faster, and you still have to face all the regular growing pains. The 27-year-old mother of two touched on how growing up in front of the world presents a set of problems most people don’t have to deal with. She goes on to point out that it took her a while to learn how to prioritize her mental and spiritual health.

Take us into what the transition has been like to go from child star to teen, to a now-grown woman with real woman issues to deal with, all while growing up in the public eye?

TIFFANY:  The transition was far from easy. A lot of people had a hard time seeing me grow up, and when I started to make my own decisions, separate myself from certain crowds, it was appalling to a few people. Nobody really knows what I’ve had to endure these past several years, and it’s the reason why I had to take so many breaks from music. I had to gather myself, my life. I can say that I’m in a great space now.

More Than Just A Child Star

Tiffany Evans-1

Tiffany goes on to share what it was like “breaking the stigma” of being a child star and growing into the woman she is today. She shares that it wasn’t something she did intentionally, but instead, it happened organically. It wasn’t her intention to shed the child star label when she got married or had children, but a casualty of growing up.

Did you feel the need to break away from the stigma of being a child star, or was it something that organically happened?

TIFFANY: It all happened organically, thank God. I believe part of it is due to me taking the time out for myself that I needed to grow.

Some fans may have wondered where Tiffany has been since her promise ring days, and some may have thought she quit. On the contrary, though, Tiffany has been busy this entire time not only with her family but in her career as well. Evans says she never stopped recording music even when she wasn’t putting any out. She did, however, stay busy during those times, writing music, acting, and growing as an entrepreneur. Aside from an EP released in 2015, Evans has worked on music for hit shows STAR and Glamour. In Addition to that, Tiffany has also collaborated with artists like T-pain and Phora on their tracks. Evans also had appearances in popular television shows Law and Order and the district as well as other film and TV credits.

What’s Next

Tiffany Evans-2

Tiffany Evans is ready to reintroduce her self and her music to the world. The singer has released two singles in the last year with her hit song’s “Switch Up” and “Merry Go Round.” Both songs highlight Tiffany’s incredible vocal skills and show that Tiffany is a full-grown woman. A first glance, one may not even be able to recognize Tiffany Evans as the little girl who sang her heart out in Diary of a mad black woman. Evans gives off effortless sex appeal that doesn’t distract from her music or lyrics rather complements it beautifully. Her music also reflects her maturation as a person as the content of her songs are revolved around issues adults are facing in today’s world.

When asked what people can expect to get from her upcoming project Tiffany Evans clearly states that her music is going to be real.

What can we expect from the new music/ new projects you are working on?

TIFFANY:  The music on this project is a lot more vulnerable. I drew inspiration from my personal experiences, as well as experiences from my close friends that we talk about. Most importantly, you can expect a lot of growth, and I can’t wait until everyone gets to hear it. I’m very proud of this body of work.

What producers and or artists are you working with for your new material?

TIFFANY: I work with a lot of up and coming producers because of the passion and go-getter mentality they have. Producer Crazy T, J Track, Fever, WAV, A-Lex, GoTo, Tasha Catour, and Jawan Harris. Still not everybody but to name a few. They’re all so dope to me, and I can’t wait for everyone to see them shine and to hear what we’ve conjured up.

Talent-wise, there is no question that Tiffany Evans belongs in the Top-Tier of entertainment acts in the game. She can sing with the best of them, she writes music, she acts, and her energy is fantastic. Now that she is ready to rerelease music, we are expecting her to take her rightful place in the upper echelons of the artist topping the charts.

Be sure to check TiffanyEvansOffical.com for updates about anything and everything Tiffany Evans and stay on the lookout for her upcoming projects

Sean Kiez Debuts Long-Awaited Single, “BOTTOM BIHH”

Started from the bottom now he’s here! Recently, Houston recording artist, Sean Kiez debuted his long-awaited single, “BOTTOM BIHH.” Fresh off of his sophomore single, Sean Kiez is climbing the charts one single at a time.

This catchy, 90’s nostalgic song, reinforces the idea of the power of having a “ride-or-die partner. The track honors the love and loyalty of a soulmate that stands by your side through life’s difficulties.

The music video, created by illustrator and comic book artist, Marcus D. Newsom; showcases a unique animated twist. The retro, yet revolutionary style captures the storyline of life’s journey. This story acknowledges the good and bad. This video stars Kiez as the superhero as he outsmarts life’s challenges of addiction, debt, poverty and possible jail time with his partner in crime by his side through it all Although the video depicts Kiez as the main protagonist, the video also pays homage to hip hop’s greatest legend, with animated cameos by the legend Master P, George Clinton, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and more.

“I am happy that my vision for this video was finally able to come to life. For me, the Bottom Bihh video symbolizes life as a maze. We all go through so many different hurdles and we never know what life will give you,” says Sean. “I wanted to show the unity and bond of a relationship. By working together there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.”

Check out the single, “BOTTOM BIHH” which is available now on all of the major digital platforms including; Apple Music and Spotify, along with the music video now viewable on YouTube.

Drop a comment below and tell us what you think!

New Song: “Nice Guy” – Byron Juane


Byron Juane, the 23-year-old hopeless romantic has been making a name for himself since the age of 4, resulting in an impressive back catalog and a sync placement on NBA 2K’s video game series. Today, he prepares fans for his forthcoming album, Promise I’m Not Crazy, with the release of his new single, titled, “Nice Guy.”

Honest, transparent, and authentic aren’t words typically used to describe a recording artist these days, but on the new song, Juane is getting us in the mood for cuffin’ season. He clarifies, “Nice Guy is the anthem for the person that love overlooks. I want people that listen to this not only relate but also to understand it won’t always be this way.”

“Nice Guy” follows Juane previous effort, “Afraid.” To-date, Juane’s new music as help him generate over 177k monthly listeners on Spotify. “Nice Guy” is available on all DSPs via Reflection Music Group/EMPIRE.


The music industry is full of artists who lack authenticity. But North Carolina native, Byron Juane is nothing BUT authentic, transparent, and honest.

Starting his career at the young age of 4, Byron is a musical genius in Jazz, Classical, Hip-Hop, and R&B. His ability to play drums, guitar, trumpet, and keys also puts him ahead of the game. And that all has shown through his music including through his debut in 2015 under the moniker, K¥NG.

Continuing on the path of creating meaningful music, Byron has done nothing but show the world that they need his music. From his start to now, Byron has continued to grow as an artist; every time he releases something new, he reaches a new height. And that includes his upcoming EP, I Promise I’m Not Crazy.

Though his new album is soon to debut, Byron continues to mold his craft. There are no breaks. But that drive comes from his love of R&B and the feeling that it leaves listeners with.

Byron’s goal is to continue to make music that makes people say “Dang, doesn’t this remind you of that time…?” and leaves them with an unforgettable impact. And though new to the game, Bryon’s sound is one that music has been yearning for a very long time.

Dollas Up Nero’s Tips & Tricks: Growing Online Presence in Music & Business

Dollas Up Nero Gives Advice On How to Grow Your Online Presence as Rapper And An Entrepreneur

Starting any business is challenging, and not just financially or practically but emotionally. In today’s current digital age, entrepreneurs are under pressure to perform and  have successful business establishments. There are several factors that hinder new entrants from accomplishing their dreams including; competition and placing limitations on themselves. Dollas Up Nero gives advice on how to grow your online presence as a rapper and an entrepreneur. Dollas up Nero explains that an organization’s online presence can be created and maintained as long as the company adheres to specific tactics. There are no cheat codes for success, you have to be undeniably good, no social media buzzword or marketing effort can ever substitute strategy.

Dollas Up Nero is a rap mogul and founder of Frostiez, a firm that sells cannabis and apparel products. Unlike most cannabis suppliers on the West Coast, those from Frosties have a unique visual appeal. They have a green and purple color, coated with trichomes that look like snowstorms. Dollas Up Nero also selects clothing brands from reputable companies and sells them in his physical stores. Aside from these business ventures, he is a hip-hop artist, striving to engrave his name in the music hall of fame.

The main thing that makes Dollas Up Nero stand out is his brand’s distinctive online presence. He consistently delivers high-quality content on all of his social media pages. His reputation depends on it. He actively engages his fanbase and gives them exactly what they need. All of these efforts help him connect with people from diverse places and cultures.

In addition, Dollas Up Nero further insists that creatives must focus on their main target audience when marketing their brand. The Internet is a different world that is made up of segments of people who have unique preferences. Having a successful online presence is all about knowing what your target demographic likes and enticing them with your product or service. For Dollas Up Nero, he targets customers who want an enchanting experience. With frequent blog posts about his life experiences and advice, he can positively impact the lives of the people around him. All of the content streamed on his social media sites relates to his fans in some shape or form.

Dollas Up Nero knows too well about the power of marketing tools. Data analytics software enables him to learn more about his potential clients and fans. He publishes posts based on the insights he gets, effectively ensuring that he stands out from others. He insists that entrepreneurs and creatives alike have to accept modern trends as a way of maintaining their relevance. Dollas Up Nero is always on the lookout to identify new tools that can improve the online presence of his business, Frostiez as well as his music.

“Take that risk as you explore the internet, keep testing things because what seems effective today might not be relevant in the future. But what worked yesterday may surprisingly work again!” said Dollas Up Nero.

Chris Rock Criticizes Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Party over Trump Impeachment

Recently Actor and comedian, Chris Rock was dragged for criticizing the Nancy Pelosi and the democratic party for prioritizing President Trump‘s impeachment over the mishandling and spread of the COVID-19 virus. In a new interview, Chris sits down with the New York times to express his opinion and frustrations.

The comedian stated that the Democrats should have been more attentive on the pandemic because the President wasn’t ever going to get impeached.

He continued saying: “You let the pandemic come in. Yes, we can blame Trump, but he’s really the five-year-old.”

Rock conveyed his frustrations by comparing the president to the main character in the 1987 film, The Last Emperor.

“Did you ever see that movie, The Last Emperor? The emperor of China is this 5-year-old kid.”

He explained, “it’s all of the Democrats’ fault. Because you knew that the emperor was five years old.”

Unfortunately, these remarks didn’t sit too kindly to readers, many dragging the actor on social media calling him an uncle Tom.

During the interview, Rock also addressed Jimmy Fallon’s recent blackface fiasco. The actor claimed that Fallon didn’t mean anything by his actions and that he did not take his joke heart.

He noted, “Hey, man, I’m friends with Jimmy, he’s a great guy.”

Other notable African-American celebrities that have expressed their support for Donald Trump include; Herschel Walker, Diamond and Silk, Stacey Dash, jack Brewer, Isaiah Washington and more.

How do you feel about Chris Rock’s comments? Do you agree with how he feels? Leave us a comment in the section below.


PREMIERE: Falling Towards Success Vol.1 – Don Da Menace


Introducing the most anticipated New York City artist, Don Da Menace.

Hailing from East Harlem, the emerging artist made a name for him throughout 2020 with a grizzly street flow, heavy toned vocals and a lot of conviction. Today, we receive his anticipated album, creatively-titled, Falling Towards Success Vol.1.

Five years in the making, the 13-track collection dives deep into the rising star’s backstory filled with hard times, penitentiary chances and various interactions with different individuals. From friends, to families, to funeral, it’s all about feelings and that what is displayed from beginning to end on Falling Towards Success.

The project is lead by breakout singles, “Cold War”, “Rap Shit”, “Ruby” and the Bknott-featured, “Ribbon in Disguise.” Fallin Towards Success Vol.1 is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans. Available now on own imprint, for more Don Da Menace, follow the new star today on Instagram.

Stream Falling Towards Success Vol.1 above.



Don Da Menace is an Alternative/Hip-Hop artist whose music goes way beyond any one genre. Between his truly one of a kind, low voice and his seasoned lyricism, Don Da Menace has already created buzz in many pockets of the NYC underground music scene.

Born & raised in East Harlem, NYC, Don Da Menace quickly learned the roots of his music. His late father was an artist (by the name of Smoove Da Menace) and became a quick inspiration for him. His father’s deep roots in NYC sounds and Don’s upbringing created the sound thousands around the world have come to love today.

Don has been featured in countless blogs and online channels for his work on singles “Ruby”, “Enough (with Robert Eberle & Versa the Band)” and more. His latest project, Falling Toward Success, Vol. 1, is his first full-length mixtape featuring some of his hit songs from previous releases and new sounds he has never experimented with before. Don Da Menace’s takeover is coming; NYC and beyond.

Meet the Band: Salti Ray

Meet the Band: Salti Ray is the name of a four person, South Carolina based group that has been getting up to a lot of new and exciting things.

The band has three already released singles, and their debut EP,The Right Thing, comes out September 25. I had the chance to hop on the phone with the group’s lead singer, Mary Norris, to talk music and discuss their upcoming EP.

Creative Process: Salti Ray likes to stay on their toes when it comes to songwriting, refraining from sticking to any one method in particular. Their songs are a culmination of all their different inputs, ideas and influences.

Norris described her songwriting process as a time at which she is “at the mercy of” her own inspiration. If an idea comes to mind, Norris has to stop whatever she’s doing and run with the concept. If not, the moment will pass.

COVID-19 Update: During these unprecedented times, the group has been trying to make the most out of their situation. “Live performance is our thing. That’s where we typically focus most of our energy, because we love connecting with other people. That’s what it’s all about for us,” shared Norris. On the bright side, however, the singer emphasized that not playing shows has helped them focus their energy in, pushing their EP in ways they wouldn’t have been able to had they been more busy performing.

Future Plans: According to Norris, while the group has discussed relocating to a different city, they don’t have any concrete plans at the moment. The group is fond of the music scene in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and they’re not ready to leave just yet.

Musical Influences: Part of what makes Salti Ray so interesting is their unique combination of musical backgrounds. While Taylor and Norris share some musical influences, such as Pearl Jam, the band’s bassist, Jacob Lightsey, is a whole other story. Lightsey studied at Berklee College of Music and is known as the group’s jazz man. Last but not least, Houston Garrett, the band’s drummer, is a Grateful Dead and Willie Nelson type of guy. Common musical influences for the group as a whole include Lake Street Dive and Alabama Shakes.

EP Release: The group is very excited about their upcoming EP, The Right Thing. Norris described the project as being a well rounded representation of the group’s different musical styles and capabilities.

Norris’ parting words to describe the EP were as follows:                “This is us! This is our musical introduction.”

parting words to describe

And with that, we have until September 25 to look forward to what Salti Ray has in store for us.

Kanye West Twitter Attacks Universal Music Group

Kanye West’s Tweets never fail to keep us all entertained.

The star’s most recent take to the social media platform consisted of calling out the record label, Universal Music Group.

Universal Music Group is the parent company of Kanye’s label, G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam Recordings. On September 15, Kanye started posting tweets stating his desire to buy back master recordings. Kanye continued to post an excessive amount of pictures of his supposed contracts with the record label.

Along with posting photos of his recording contracts, Kanye stated that he needs “every lawyer in the world to look at these.”

Kanye continued to call upon his fellow musicians, encouraging them to act out and rebel against record labels.


“Love you Paul can I get a retweet love you Drake Kendrick even Taylor. We need you right noooooow”. 

Kanye also referred to the music industry as modern day slavery. “I forgive everyone from the music industry that is involved with modern day slavery.”

A little while later, Kanye turned his attention to the Grammys. The artist, who has won 21 Grammys, tweeted a video in which he put one of his trophies in the toilet and continued to urinate on it…

Who needs reality television when you have characters like Kanye to keep yourself amused.

Universal Music Group


Supervisor Ridley-Thomas Fights to Ensure Community Investment and Violence Intervention


As tensions continue to rise due to the recent deaths of Andres Guardado and Dijon Kizzee, the county is doubling down on community well-being as well as violence prevention initiatives. Over the span of 15 months, more than 14 victims have died at the hands of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) deputies. In response to this unprecedented crisis, The Board of Supervisors is taking the appropriate steps to ensure community investment and implement violence intervention programs. Earlier this week, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas read in two motions that include; enacting the Office of Violence Prevention’s strategic plan and creating a coordinated community-based crisis response system as well as establishing the Family Assistance Program (FAP) for families who have lost loved ones to deputy-involved shootings.

Violence Prevention’s Strategic Plan

As the country continues to confront law enforcement misconduct, it is imperative now than ever that the Board now position the strategies and mission of the OVP for action and implementation. In this motion, the Board is calling for the Director of the Department of Public Health’s Office of Violence Prevention (OVP), in collaboration with the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO, to report back with an Implementation Plan for the OVP’s Strategic Plan. This would include the creation of a coordinated, community-based Crisis Response and Violence Intervention Program (CRVIP), the Psychiatric Mobile Response Team and the Department of Mental Health’s (DMH) ongoing work in Alternatives to Law Enforcement Crisis Response, street intervention and Safe Passage, and the Family Assistance Program.

Family Assistance Program

Proposed in response to community concerns about the needs of families whose loved ones have died while in the LASD’s custody, or during out-of-custody incidents involving fatal uses of force by LASD deputies; at its core, the Family Assistance Program (FAP) was designed to provide a trauma-informed response to these tragic incidents. This motion instructs the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in consultation with the  Inspector General (IG), County Counsel, the Director of the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Medical Examiner-Coroner to provide a report of any resources provided to the families of Mr. Kizzee and Mr. Guardado.

What to know more about these recent motions, take a look below:

Office of Violence Prevention

Family Assistance Program

How Kanye West is Hurting This Election and Why He is Unfit to Run for President

With the election just weeks away, Kanye West’s twitter fingers are at it again. Known for his controversial rants, outlandish style and hard-hitting singles; recently Kanye West is hurting this election and stealing potential votes.

Many may recall when West announced his 2020 United States presidential election campaign in July sending shock waves through social media. Some of the artists’ fans rallied in support, while others were a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, many can agree that using his platform to polarize voters is dangerous.

Rappers such as Chance the Rapper jumped at the opportunity to support West. Chance tweeted, “And yall out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden. Smfh.” Immediately following a series of tweets about why West was the best candidate for the upcoming presidential election.

In such a crucial election Kanye West is hurting the election. There is no time for games, or ruses to unintentionally steal potential votes away from the official democratic nominee, Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris.

Many agree that the artist is unfit to run for president. Kanye West lacks political experience, knowledge and possibly the mental capability to be president. If the last four years have taught us anything, it’s that being President of the United States isn’t for the faint of heart. If we look back on previous presidents, Trump was a reality TV star and former President Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood actor before entering politics. And look how that turned out? The presidency is not just an entry level position, it requires skill, strategy, and decisive decision making.

Do you think Kayne West is capable of running for president? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.





Chris Rock Blames Dems and Pelosi For COVID Pandemic

Chris Rock thinks Democrats’ focus on impeachment is why Coronavirus spread.

Comedian Chris Rock believes the 2020 spread of Coronavirus is the fault of Democrats and not presidents Trump. Rock believes that the Democrat’s focus on impeachments is what led to the lockdown.

While he didn’t exactly sing, the president praises, comparing 45 to a five-year-old child. The “Grown Ups 2” star did have some very stern opinions on the role Nancy Pelosi and democrats played in the virus “coming in”.

“It was totally up to Pelosi and the Democrats. Their thing was, ‘We’re going to get him impeached,’ which was never going to happen. You let the pandemic come in. Yes, we can blame Trump, but he’s the 5-year-old,” said the 55 years old new york native.

During his interview with the New York Times, Rock was candid about his feelings of the president being a child and even comparing Trump to the last emperor of China, a child ruler who only leads in theory.

“There’s a kid, and he’s the king. So I’m like, it’s all the Democrats’ fault. Because you knew that the emperor was five years old,”-Chris Rock

Of course, fans didn’t agree with Rock’s assertions the Trump was faultless because of his mental age.

What are your thoughts on Chris Rocks’ assessments of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic? Do you think President Trump or Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats should get the blame?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Remembering Breonna Taylor

“Say her name… Breonna Taylor. Say her name… Breonna Taylor.” You can hear the chants echoing above the crowd. It has been nearly 8 months since the senseless death of Breonna Taylor, and still not justice has been served on her behalf. Her killers continue to roam free, as her family fights to convict the police that murdered her.

It was on March 13 that the 26-year-old aspiring nurse was shot by police in her own home, after an alleged “botched raid.” Law enforcement barged into her apartment as she slept, firing multiple rounds. Her death has since then erupted civil unrest all over the nation.

Recently, the city of Louisville, Kentucky, agreed to pay Taylor’s family nearly $12million dollars, in addition to implementing several police reforms to settle the family’s wrongful death lawsuit.

Earlier this week, Taylor’s mother, Tanika Palmer and attorney held a press conference where Palmer made brief remarks.  Calling the day “significant,” she continued to say that “there is still much to be done in order to get justice for her daughter.” She urged the public, “not to lose focus and to redirect efforts to pressing criminal charges.”  She finished by reminding the audience of Breonna’s “beautiful spirit and personality that is working through everyone in this fight.” She also stressed the need for sympathizers and protesters alike to “remember her name.”

How would you honor Breonna Taylor with $12 million dollars? Is $12 million equivalent to a lie? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Peep The New Tape ‘Cheat Codes’ Released By Cali Rapper SNSG

Cali rapper SNSG is making his mixtape come back with the release of his brand new album entitled, ‘Cheat Codes.’

Born and raised in Royal Oaks, California, this rapper is switching up the game. His passion for video games in addition to his musical career has created opportunities that he never would have imagined. The latest album features upcoming artists such as Detroit artist 049Gus, Swainoh, the late Chicago rapper GMEBE Bandz, A-Wax, Slim400 and more. This unique combination of video animation, computerized gaming and music reveals the cheat codes to the real world.

With singles including, “Did You Wrong” Ft. Jaiswan x Skinnyfromthe9, Legacy Ft. A-Wax x Slim400, “Out The Mud” Ft. GMEBE, “High” Ft. Dre Armany x Swainoh, this young artist proves that the grind never stops!

SNSG’s ‘Cheat Codes’ is not for the cowardly or faint-hearted. Many have struggled int he rough streets of Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit but not many have survived and thrived. This new mixtape delivers a powerful expression of struggle and resilience. The song illustrates the common thoughts and conflicts that young men grapple with each day. What goes through the minds of young men when their backs are up against the wall. With a rare sequence of gritty beats and hot bars, you will not be dissatisfied.

Check out “Cheat Codes” below now available on all streaming platforms https://songwhip.com/snsg/cheat-codes  and on spotify along with the animated album trailer enclosed here! Tell us your thoughts on the rappers latest music, in the comments section below.

Cardi B Divorcing Offset Cheating A**, And She Wants Half

Cardi B is Divorcing Offset, and she wants custody and half the assets.

After three years of marriage, Cardi B has filed for divorce from her husband Offset. The WAP rapper is seeking full custody of the couple’s daughter, Kulture.

Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the story the Cardi B and Offset will no longer be a power couple. At least that what the female rapper who is the plaintiff in the divorce case is hoping.

Since 2017 the relationship between the two emcees has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. It began with public courting and flirting, then became a real relationship. Fans were able to witness Offset both propose and apologize on stage live at concerts. Even more, Baby Kulture has been apart of our timelines for almost as long as she has been born.

However, the relationship was far from perfect, with numerous rumors of cheating by Offset

The timing is not that great for Cardi to be getting rid of her man, especially after dropping WAP. Her latest single has been getting negative attention and backlash for its provocativeness. Opposers of the song were quick to point out that her WAP didn’t save her marriage.

What are your thoughts on Cardi B and Offset getting a divorce? Was it Offset cheating or Cardi only having a WAP?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

New Video: “B.R.A.T.” – LightskinKeisha ft. Blac Youngsta


Off her new Clones project. Popular recording artist LightskinKeisha deals with a cheating ex the best way she knows how in the new video, “B.R.A.T.,” by burning up all his clothes. During the BBQ, the furious Keisha drops a couple of vengeful verses about the big mistake he just made and her upgrade in both standards and lifestyle. Blac Youngsta joins the destruction with a hilariously charismatic verse of his own. Feel Keisha’s wraith now, directed by Sara Lacombe.

Along with “B.R.A.T.,” LightskinKeisha’s Clones includes breakout songs, “Queen Kong,” “Flood My Wrist” and “Trouble.” The new album is Big Bank Beisha’s best work yet.

Clones is available on all DSPs via own imprint.



Brash and unfiltered, rapper Lightskinkeisha moved from occasionally posting low-key videos of herself rhyming on her social media accounts to making music a full-time focus. In 2017, she released her debut single, “Weather,” and its blunt, confrontational, and endlessly confident delivery quickly caught the attention of many listeners. She followed up with several other singles and, in late 2018, her debut mixtape, That’s Just the Bottom Line.

Born in Decatur, Georgia in 1994, Lightskinkeisha grew up in Atlanta. While using social media to pursue a modeling career, she would sometimes post videos of herself rapping, and, in 2017, she took her interest in music to the next level with the release of her first singles. Songs like “Cash Shit” and “Treadmill” highlighted her unrepentantly brazen style, cocky rhymes, and trendy production. She quickly signed with L.A. Reid’s Hitco Entertainment in 2018, and the label released her debut mixtape, That’s Just the Bottom Line, in December of that year. The ten-song collection featured guest spots from Coca Vango, BlocBoy JB, and B. Smyth. The following year saw the release of the singles “Hey Lightskin” and “Atlanta,” the latter of which featured Stevie B.

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