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    BLM Activist Oluwatoyin Salau Found Dead

    Oluwatoyin Salu’s body found in Tallahassee Fl.

    Oluwatoyin Salau is the latest person to turn up dead as protests and riots continue in the name of social equality.

    In the same week that two black men were found hanging in Ca, an activist from black lives matter in Tallahasse was found dead. Detectives haven’t said that the murder was race-related, but they do have a suspect.

    Aaron Glee is in police custody in connection to the murders of Oluwatoyin Salu and Victoria Sims after police found two bodies near his home.

    Glee isn’t currently facing charges for the murders, but his recent behavior indicates why he is a suspect. The Tallahassee man was arrested twice within one week for separate battery charges. One of the incidents was a sexual encounter, and the other an issue over race.

    On the day she went missing, Oluwatoyin Salau sent tweets sharing she was the victim of sexual assault. As the news as her death began to spread twitter began responding:

    Some users took the time to explain the cross sectionality of racism and sexism in America, and how vulnerable that leaves black women.

    America has never placed the true value on it’s most vital asset, which is the black woman. No other group deserves credit for the growth and stabilization of this great nation other than women of color. Every dollar bill should be of her, every statue and monument; without her contribution, none of this is possible. On the field, in the house, wherever, whenever, her ideas and creativity are the life source of this country.

    She has nursed this country since infancy and still today, with her flesh and blood. Yet she is the victim of this country’s most vile treatments. Not only do you continue to beat, bruise, rape, and abuse her, but the cruelty doesn’t stop there. The ultimate act of disrespect is the treatment of the children she has given you. They have built, created, innovated, fought, and sacrificed in the name of America. Yet neither her son nor her daughters can live in peace, having to live in fear of those sworn to protect.

    At 19 Oluwatoyin Salau was already an activist for both racial justice and victims of sexual abuse. Imagine what she could have done if America knew her value, and she didn’t have to fight racism and sexism, maybe her fight could have been with disease, with war but we will never know.

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