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    Blak Raps Sets His Sights On New Future On “GOALS”

    I’m a big believer in karma and the belief that everything comes full circle. For that very reason, I don’t even like associating myself with negative energy. That also includes people who are unproductive and lazy. I understand that everyone has off days. But if you aren’t actively working towards a goal, rather it is big or small, you serve no purpose in my life.

    One artist that understands the importance of accomplishing life goals is Blak Raps. For a while now, the Atlanta rapper has consistently been busting his ass to turn his vision into a reality. Just like his stage name suggests, he’s very passionate about rapping. He takes pride in using his music to tell his story and manifests his future. Reflecting on his past accomplishments and the sacrifices he took to get here, he recently released GOALS.

    “To me what GOALS stands for is: Go Out and Live Supreme. Live your best life, grow every day, do what you love not what somebody loves for you.”- Blak Raps on GOALS

    Pure Intentions

    With a runtime of 21-minutes, this 7-song offering serves its purpose in a short amount of time. He created GOALS with the intention of uplifting listeners to chase their dreams. We all have them, but we all don’t necessarily have the motivation to make them come true. That’s where Blak comes in. He wants to serve as a beacon of hope for people to aspire to.

    Stay The Path

    He starts things off with the intro track, “Bridges”. Behind the chill and mellow production, Blak spits some bars about staying the path and trying not to burn bridges in his journey. Now I’m not going to lie and pretend like Blak will blow you away with his lyrics. I wouldn’t say generic, but some of his bars are predictable. But since he has such a friendly voice and great delivery, everything he says sounds good.

    Don’t leave this project without listening to track #4, “Girls”. In this song, Blak melodically sings about enjoying the presence of beautiful women and having them as a muse. It’s an understatement that this track will set the night mood. In conclusion, this project might not be the best project that you hear this year. But since it’s so well-balanced, you can’t go wrong giving it a listen.

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