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    Black Women: Three Movies That Glorify Resilience Over Triumph

    The becoming of a Black woman is quite like listening to a new song, you may have to listen it a few times to actually hear it. Women of color are that way. The societal blame on Black women poses the Black woman as a threat, and an inferior. But, when you actually take the time to listen to her plight, you might actually hear it. Black women are standing against society. Blossoming into renaissance women who are resilient, it is openly joyful to be a woman of color. Black women chew stigmas and spit them out in the face of any opposer. While they pose threats to some, they serve as an inspiration to many.

    African American women are the most educated bracket of people, according to Upworthy. Around 9.7% of Black women are enrolled in college. There is not much a black woman cannot do. As a result, brilliant minds create narratives and take them to the box office. Here are three films that pay homage to women of color and their resilience.

    Three Movies Showcase Black Women’s Resilience

    1. For Colored Girls is a poignant piece driven by the structure of downtrodden commonalities. Ntozake Shange takes us through an anthology of seven Black women who decide to conquer their demons. Decidedly, Tyler Perry took the torch and turned it into an award-winning film. The choreopoem exemplifies true triumph and the magnitude of an African American woman’s resilience.


    2. The Color Purple – From the adaptation of Alice Walker’s masterpiece, “The Color Purple”, it undoubtedly portrays Black domestic oppression. Although the main character, played by Whoopi Goldberg, suffers at the start of the narrative, her character develops through the storyline. She becomes untouchable.


    3. Set It Off – According to Her Campus, Set It Off is a different approach to how Black women suffer economic oppression in America. Main character, Jada Pinkett, offers a riveting performance of overcoming pain and the infliction after committing a life-changing crime with her friends.

    Although there are many more to name, these are a few HypeFresh thinks is super hype.


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