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    Black Widow Box Office Crushed; Opening with $218 Million

    Box Office Crushed
    Black Widow Box Office numbers and streaming total $215 Million in sales.
    via IGN Twitter

    Black Widow box office opening weekend earnings post Covid pandemic is nothing to sneeze at. Apparently, the Film took $218 million in total this weekend and is the largest domestic box office opening since Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Now, let’s analyze those numbers for a minute and find out how it arrived to that number. Movie theater earnings domestically totalled to $80 million box office. That number alone is one to be proud of. Then, it took home $78 million box office internationally. Well, that only adds up to $158 million. If you are thinking wait, that still doesn’t account for $60 million. You are right.

    Disney +Premiere Access; Same Day as Theaters Rentals

    Box Office Crushed
    Black Widow Box Office numbers and streaming total $215 Million in sales. Disney + Premiere Access Rentals.
    via Disney +

    In additon to Black Widow box office numbers, it turns out the film also was aired for rental on Disney+ which was a great strategy cause the film made an addition $60 million globally on the streaming service. Marvel and Disney + attempted a strategy that DC and HBO Max already proved is successful. Post Covid, the film opened simultaneously in movie theaters and on the streaming giant, Disney +. This is the first film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to do so. Disney + made the movie available to subscribers to rent for an additonal $30.

    Why Skip the theaters to watch Black Widow?

    If you are thinking, why skip the theaters as the big screen makes the fim worth watching. Well,  those who wanted to skip the movie theaters did so for convenience or extra caution. As a result of availability, they were able to stream the film in the comfort of their homes. Possibly, those premiere access subscribers were able to host watch parties. Either way, the strategy worked and will mostly likely be an option moving forward since it earned $60 million.

    In theaters and at Home: Not a New Idea

    Not a New Idea
    Black Widow Box Office numbers and streaming total $215 Million in sales.
    Comcast/Xfinitity On Demand.
    via Xfinity

    It seems like a novel idea. However, It’s not completely new. Prior to streaming services, there was an option called On Demand that was available for Comcast subscribers. Still availble as an option for Xfinitiy customers. Consumers were able to watch the film at home by renting the on demand same day as theaters. However, with streaming services, it has gotten a bit easier and widely more available globally.


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