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    Black Trans Pride: A Necessary Movement.

    Google’s choice of Marsha P Johnson as it’s doodle art shows the need for Black Trans Pride.

    Marsha P Johnson is known in the LGBTQ community for her contributions and sacrifices. Today goggles chose to honor the Trans-rights activist by making her the cover art and donating to her foundation. The timing couldn’t have been any better because they need to discuss Black Trans Lives Matter is urgent.

    Earlier this month two Black trans women were murder during the same time celebrations for pride and protest for black people’s rights were going on. Advocacy groups and supporters of the LGBTQ have been urging policymakers to do something to protect these women. The human rights campaign suggests that 14 transgender women have already been killed in 2020. On pace to surpass 2019 murders of 26.

    Almost every time there has been a progressive movement for black people as a whole, we have forgotten to protect and take care of our women. No movement would have made any progress had it not been for the willingness of our women. Sadly, another truth about the black community is that too many of use will rather fight over pronouns and sexuality than acknowledge many of the women who have contributed.

    When people think of pride, the don’t think of Marsha P. Johnson, a black woman from New Jersey. The first image is probably a skinny white male, with a rainbow shirt, blonde hair, etc. An example of how easy it is to forget that black trans people have to fight not only the black fight but the black gay fight as well.

    Black Trans Pride needs to become a movement embarrassed by the LGBTQ community and its heterosexual allies.

    As a heterosexual male, the transgender topic is a very touchy subject. From this point forward I will express my personal beliefs that in no way represent Hypefresh Inc or anyone associated with the company.

    Having grown up with a gay uncle, homosexuality was never an issue for me, it was normal. The way I was taught is that someone’s sexuality is about what they do in their bedroom, and that’s not my business. However, I like so many boys growing up still used the term “gay” as a diss or curse word. Again, like many boys I probably made fun of or harassed a kid for being “gay”, but at no time did I ever feel hate for anyone because of who they were attracted to.

    I can reflect on my past and realize times when I was an enemy rather than an ally. Today I consider myself an ally but have to remind people that ally doesn’t mean apart of or fully agree. Ally means to combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.

    *I don’t believe human beings should get any plastic surgery that isn’t medically necessary.*

    This belief has led people to accuse me of being “homophobic” or “Transphobic”. Such statements often alienate would-be allies in my opinion, not me though. I realize that any great partnership requires the ability to agree to disagree but move forward with the common goal. 

    Black Trans Pride, is Pride period, without Marsha P Johnson none of it would exist. Even more than that though Black Pride, is Black Trans Pride. Until all of my fellow heterosexual males in the black communities realize that the two are inseparable, no true progress can be made.

    However, if I could make a slight recommendation for Trans people as a complete outsider with no idea what your journey is like.

    Stop seeking approval to be what you know you are.

    One of the main disagreements between the straight and gay community is the usage of Trans when referring to people who are non-binary. Both sides have valid points as to why someone should or should not disclose what sex they were born.

    For me, trans should be a fucking badge of honor, made for women brave enough to live in their truth. Being a woman is more than a title to me, my mother was the first introduction to a woman to me, and the reason I believe a black woman is God on earth. So I must admit that my first response to Transwoman saying they wanted to just be called woman wasn’t positive. However as I began to analyze what it meant to be Trans, I gained another level of respect that was different from what I have for a cis woman.

    Being cis is a gift, being trans is a choice, and choosing to become a black woman is not an easy choice. Black Trans Lives Matter for me is about embracing the journey Trans women take to their womanhood. It may not involve “female” puberty and all of the experiences that come with that. Yet, it does not invalidate it from being a journey to womanhood. Transwomen are women, I just think that they should proudly let people know that they made that choice, to be who they no matter what they were “Born”.  Such ownership is inspiring and liberating for self and others.

    Black Lives matter is an outcry for society to recognize and value the lives of black people all over.  Black Trans Lives Matter is a rallying cry for trans people to stand firm in their truth.


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