Black Soldier SHOT dead by Police…Trying to stop mall shooting!

Black Soldier SHOT dead by Police

Black Soldier was gunned down by Alabama Police in a mall where a mass shooting was taking place.

Black Soldier SHOT dead by Police-1

The 21-Year old military hero was shot down as he attempted to prevent a mass casualty shooting. His name was Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., who was also the son of a Birmingham cop and combat engineer in the US Army.

This just goes to show that any black man with a gun – even a war hero trying to save innocent lives – is a threat.

The picture and video below is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. On Apple News? Click here to see the video clip.

Why are the heroes always the victim? Especially our African-American ones!? This is truly terrible news and those officers responsible should be dealt with justice.

Meanwhile, the shooting suspect is still on the loose.



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