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    Black Shows To Watch..Again

    Black representation will always matter as the narrative of the Black experience partially depends on it. With movies and different television series shaping the way we interact in our daily lives, it’s easy to become influenced. The Black narrative as a whole struggles with negative examples and reflections. As new media emerges we now have a wider selection of representation to appreciate and admire. These four Black shows to watch are not only amazing pieces of work, but a remarkable collection of the Black experience.

    Our Kind of People

    Our Kind of People is a Black TV-drama that aired on Fox in the Fall of 2021. A refreshing take on the wealthy Black family weighed down by dark secrets, the show touched on so much. With a strong cast mixed of old and new Hollywood elite an elaborate story of betrayal, redemption, family secrets and Black power made this depiction a memorable one. Starring YaYa DaCosta, Nadine Ellis, Morris Chestnut, and the legendary Emmy award winning actress Debbie Morgan, Our Kind of People deserves a deeper look.

    Aside from the drama, seeing Black folks with real money is always refreshing. We are not just talking about a few million, we are touching on wealth within a multi-billion dollar legacy. The show also touched on sisterhood amongst Black women and the importance of being proud of what you believe in. Via social media and various channels Black women are often portrayed as rude, ignorant or all about gossip. Our Kind of People sheds light on what sticking together really means. Although the show was cancelled after just once season, you can watch previous episodes on streaming services.

    SnowFall Season 5

    Snowfall is arguably one of the best TV Black shows to watch in recent years. The popular FX show hit TV screens everywherea in the summer of 2017. Viewers worldwide were introduced to Franklin Saint played by Damson Idris and his close knit circle of family of friends during the 80s. In detail the drama series shows Franklin’s life change drastically once he starts selling drugs. As he goes deeper into the drug game those closest to him also become involved. As another surprising element the show gives insight on the US government’s role in drug trafficking and war. Snowfall not only details Franklin’s life, it shows how drugs take down the community and destroy those close to us.

    The mental strain behind living in poverty or drug filled neighborhood, while constantly being harassed by police. The main character who was no older than 17 when he started quickly had to become a man due to his surroundings. Snowfall also details the importance of role models and father figures, a topic that is discussed far too often in the Black communities. Season 5 took the show a step further, making it the most acclaimed season so far. Breakout performances from Angela Lewis, Isaiah John and Amin Joseph made the show even more relatable. Snowfall is scheduled to return in 2023 for the sixth and final season. If you haven’t seen this, I suggest you start binging it now.

    LoveCraft Country

    LoveCraft Country graced television screens in the summer of 2020 on HBO and our ideas about black magic have never been the same. Following a story of a Black man during the Jim Crow era as he searches for his father. Along this journey he’s encountered with magic, evil, history and revelations. Starring an amazing cast of Jonathan Majors, Jurnee Smollett, Courtney B Vance and Micheal K Williams. Together this cast portrays the Black experience of our past through an extraordinary and creative scope.

    Aside from the racism Blacks faced, LoveCraft Country touches on the internal power Black culture possess. The show takes a personal yet imaginative approach when elaborating on Black history. In addition to historical references the show takes a fairy tale angle, explaining good from evil and real from fantasy. Along this journey, we learn the true meaning of destiny fulfillment and the importance of brotherhood. One of the last and most impactful lessons displayed is the lasting effects of war on Black men. Although the show was nominated for eight Emmys, HBO decided to cancel LoveCraft Country after just one season. You can still watch the phenomenal show on streaming services.

    The Wonder Years (2021)

    A refreshing remake worth the attention and praise. The 2021 remake of the classic 1980s show The Wonder Years comes back dressed in all black. The Wonder Years aired in the fall of 2021 on ABC with a new all Black family set in the late 1960s. A revamp of the classic show offered a Black outlook from a middle class family. What makes this show so impactful is the positivity and uplifting representation it brings. Of course there is an aspect of historical reference displayed but the overall premise is to expand the ideal of blackness as a culture.

    With the intention of exploring blackness further, the series exposes viewers to Black folks camping, attending social clubs, working prestigious jobs, the influence of Black school teachers, Black musicians and being raised in two parent household. Featuring a line up of fresh new faces including, Elisha “EJ” Williams, Saycon Sengbloh, Milan Ray. And veteran actor Dulé Hill followed a compelling narration by Don Cheadle made for a new kind of wholesome Black family. ABC confirmed the show will be returning for season 2 on the network.

    The Black Narrative is Constantly Changing

    As shown above, the Black experience involves our past, present and future. Representation is so much more than seeing a black face, it’s about connecting with the entire Black collective. Through these four depictions we are able to explore all aspects relevant to Black life.

    Please let us know which one is your favorite from the Black shows to watch again.


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