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    Black Panther II Director Ryan Coolger Fights Georgia Voting Laws

    The time of social and political unrest has yet to come to an end. Unfortunately, systematic racism still rages on through America. Though, certain leaders in the black community have decided to stand up and fight. More importantly, they’ve demanded change.

    Black Panther director Ryan Coolger certainly made it known that he’s all about changing the future for the black community. After the release of a new voting law in Georgia, quite a few celebrities had a lot to say about it, including Coolger. In fact, the Black Panther director decides to fight off Georgia’s voting laws. Coolger went from film director to voting rights activist.

    The Black Panther II Director Rallies Against Georgia’s Voting Laws

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    via Just Jared

    Fighting for what’s right takes plenty of courage. Several celebrities have spoken out against Georgia’s voting law, named SB202. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the law’s oppressive restrictions has led to widespread outrage from the black community. Furthermore, the law requires new ID for absentee ballots, limits the use of drop boxes and prohibits people from giving food and water to voters waiting in line. The SB202 law puts a whole new meaning on voter suppression.

    Of course, a slew of celebrities such as Black Panther II director Ryan Coolger expressed their immediate dislike of the new law. In an op-ed published by Shadow and Act, Coolger condemned Georgia’s Republican governor Brian Kemp for enforcing voter suppression. “As an African-American, and as a citizen, I oppose all attempts, explicit and otherwise, to shrink the electorate and reduce access to the ballot,” the director told Shadow and Act.

    Moreover, the director initially had plans to boycott the state, but decided against it after learning his actions wouldn’t benefit the greater good. Instead, Coolger used his influence to support organizations like the Stacey Abrams Fair Fight Action, which helps fight off voter suppression. Fortunately, Ryan Coolger found another way to fight off systematic racism in the state.

    Ryan Coolger Will Continue To Shoot Black Panther II In Georgia

    voting laws
    via The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

    Even in the face of Georgia’s new suppressive voting laws, Coolger has decided to continue filming in the state. After standing with Stacey Abrams Far Fight Action, the director clearly won’t be leaving town anytime soon. He will stay and fight the oppressive state. Furthering his mission, Coolger decided to continue filming for Black Panther II in the peach state. Hopefully, Ryan Coolger’s influence will inspire real change to take place in the state.

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