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    Black Man Who Became A Neo-Nazi Leader Dies!!!!

    James Stern the man who took over a neo-nazi group has died before he could accomplish his goal.

    James Stern was trying to be a modern-day Blackklansman. The pastor and activist from California somehow became the president of the national socialist movement. NSM is most famous for the Charlottesville 2017 white nationalist rally that turned violent. Because of that incident, multiple lawsuits were brought against the group.

    As a result of the legal troubles, the then president was persuaded by Stern to hand over ownership. Jeff Schoep was the president at the time of Charlottesville. He says he was “deceived” by Stern out of his position. The two shared a mutual friend in ex Klan leader Edgar Ray Killen. Killen is known for his involvement in the killing of 3 civil rights activists in Mississippi. Black Man Who Became A Neo-Nazi-1

    Killen even allegedly gave Stern the power of attorney and left him some land. As a result of this relationship with Killen, Stern was able to gain the trust of Schoep. He offered to take over the leadership position. However, this was all apart of a plan to come in and dismantle the group. Stern said this was because he wanted to use the group to re-educate neo-nazis.

    Sadly the activist Did not get to live out his dream.

    James Stern Passed away in October after a long battle with cancer. His friend Arne List said that Stern personally ask him to continue on his mission. List has many things to handle including lawsuits Stern had against NSM for having his name removed from legal documents. The suit was seeking Millions of dollars in damages. But do to Stern’s death things will be put on hold until his estate opened.

    The methods may have been weird but the intention seems to be good. James Stern was trying to do something that few would have the courage to even try. Even being associated with a White Nationalist group as a black man seems pretty dangerous. The fact that he was able to get a leadership position is even more dangerous and impressive. However one has to question why he was able to build such good relationships with men who were clearly racist.

    What do you think about the modern-day Blackklansman? Was he a hero or a traitor?

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