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    Black History Vs. Chitterlings: Is It Actually Slave Food?

    CHITTERLINGSToday we are discussing one of Black culture’s most controversial giants in the room, chitterlings. Essentially, chitterlings are pigs intestines. The dish is common in southern America; however, food lovers consume the dish all over the country. There is significant history behind the story of ‘the chitterling’ and how the dish can be a sensitive subject. The dish serves mainly as a Thanksgiving delicacy at African American family gatherings. But to some of those who are ‘woke’, the dish is a symbolic of slavery— disrespectful to Black emancipation. There is a double-edge sword when it comes to the topic of ‘the chitterling’. Some love them, some hate them. Let’s talk about why.

    Chitterlings and Black History

    When it comes to chitterlings or chitlins, there is no gray area. Either you love them, or you can’t stand the smell. Professional consumers who are good with their palates for it brag about the texture, especially when pairing with hot sauce. But for those who can’t get past the pungent odor, they call them ‘slave food’. But are chitterlings really slave food?

    Many now believe that chitterlings were given to slaves as scraps, leftovers from the pig. Which is true in some cases, but the history digs a little deeper beyond slavery. According to The Bay State Banner, eating chitterlings is not a derivative of American slavery. Holding close to their West African Diaspora ritualistic traditions, eating an animals innards is sacred.

    Also, being that eating animal intestines is popular in Britain and France, slave masters would request these dishes, way before American slavery. Although the history reflects the brutality of the slavery era, it is a dish enjoyed by both cultures before American history.

    Atlas Obscura breaks down the same theory, that most Blacks now stray away from the dish due to its slave ties. Though both sides deserve some deeper observation, we can agree that nothing good can come from a pig.


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