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    Black History Month: The History of African American Appreciation

    BLACK HISTORY MONTHFebruary 1st marks the annual first day of Black History Month. One day out of the year, the United States celebrates forefathers and mothers who are still fighting for change. Schools prepare students for speeches, teachers are decorating doors with afro-woman inspiration. This is a time of the where the country acknowledges African American History for the entire month of February.

    About Black History

    Black History Month is the extension of Negro History Week, the magnum opus belonging to historian Carter G. Woodson and others, according to History. Since 1976 the world gives regard to the month of February as Black History Month. The history behind the narrative began in 1915. Then, Carter G. Woodson and minister Jesse E. Moorland created a movement that monuments Black people and their achievements. The organization was called The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History.

    African American culture is rich in heritage from the roots of Africa. After coming to America, new African Americans introduced different subcultures, the making of African American culture. African American culture derives from the common struggle in African American communities. Family reunions, backyard BBQs with loud music and Miller High Life are like holidays in communities all over America. Sara Clarke Kaplan states that, “There is no American History without African American History.”

    Undoubtedly, the African American struggle continues with new issues of today and old issues of yesterday. African Americans celebrate their history all year with holidays like Juneteenth, the marking of when slaves gained their independence.

    Nevertheless, America is working to make equality paramount, starting with the Black Lives Matter movement. Because the movement was such a widespread movement all over the world, it advocates changes, especially in the workplace. Since then, African American businesses are thriving at a fast rate.

    What it Means to be Black

    Being black, American or not means to be different.



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