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    From Poles To Gold….Black Chyna Better Cough Up That $48K On Back Rent

    Black Chyna has been making a name for herself over the last several years. During that time it might have not had the best when it comes to publicity. Now the former Tiga lover seems to be in the news again for financial issues. One that cost $48K to clear up immediately.

    Blac Chyna $48K

    It seems as though the entrepreneur just can’t stay out of the spotlight no matter what the issue is. At the moment the twerking celebrity is being sued by her landlord. For the better part of a year she’s been selling bleach cream, and other skincare products.  It is being reported by thegrio, that she currently owes the amount of $48K, and the landlord wants her to pay up. The landlord Michael Kremerman has more than the issue of not paying rent. He also claims that she breached her lease in addition, to damaging property. It’s currently not looking good for the cougar that is known for dating young rappers.

    The former stripper signed a one year lease that included six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a studio home in the city. Furthermore, there are claims that no rent payments were made from November 1st, 2018 to March of 2019. However, the landlord claims that Chyna owes a pretty penny despite vacating the property back in November 2018. At the moments the numbers reflect that Chyna owes $55K along with a security deposit of $25K, along with $18K in court fees. Further issues arise as in her life, as a judge confirmed that she will no longer receive $20K from baby father Rob Kardashian.

    Is she broke? Should we worry over Blac Chyna $48K?? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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