Blac Chyna Allegedly Never Used Her Skin Whitening Cream For Blacks

Blac Chyna Allegedly Never

Blac Chyna leaves us scratching our heads.

Obviously, Blac Chyna is after the bag first before the customer she markets to. The celebrity figure caught heat on the net because of her support for whitening cream to African-Americans and the continent of Africa.

According to TMZ, sources close to Chyna claim that she never even used the product… ever! Instead, she’s been using Whitnicious dark spot corrector products to battle hyperpigmentation.

The thought of lightening your skin yells self-hate for your natural self. Why be ashamed of how your creator made you be? Blac Chyna isn’t afraid to advertise poison to her people for a bag, and that is the scary part. Especially being accused of not using the poison she’s advertising to her own people.

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