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    Bizz-E Blaze Talks Creativity, Consistency and Announces The Name To His Upcoming Projects

    Bizz E Blaze has a work ethic like no other in his class. The up and coming BKNY emcee takes pride in his consistency and his diverse styles. When you have an artist this young in the game with a genuine passion for music and the creation behind it, the sky is never the limit.

    HYPEFRESH’s very own, Che` (@chehova93) recently caught up with Bizz E Blaze to discuss the fuel behind his typhoon of latest singles and expectations for his upcoming EP and official mixtape.

    Blaze has released a handful of tracks throughout the summer; instrumenting his work ethic and his ability to make different songs for different listeners. Each song tells a different story and describes different times in Blaze’s life; whether it’s old or recent.

    CHE: With all of these tracks being different, tell me where does that sense of diversity come from?

    “Different shit happens to me on the daily so I talk about it, I hate routine so when something starts to feel repetitive I switch.”

    He stated that the losses of his love ones and having nobody in his corner, resulted in him “Taking over and making it happen”.

    The people I’ve lost & the people I’ve left over the years is what motivate me & honestly it would be a crime to waste all this talent.”

    Even though, Bizz has a knack to make it look so easy, he acknowledged that this was not at all an overnight process. When asked about his love for music and where it came from he answered:

    “I started rapping at 17 but didn’t get nice until 19. (Laughs)”

    CHE: Where do you see your campaign taking you as far as industry work? And who do you see yourself working with and in what genres??

    BIZZ: I want to write for other genres and producers and artists, creativity is the most important thing; as long as creativity is there, working is not an issue.

    CHE: What do you feel sets you apart from other artist in your class and how do you use that to your advantage?

    BIZZ: Creativity and being able to stay myself through so many different works and being able to use my life experiences in the studio.

    Bizz also stated that he is happy with current situation as an up and coming artist and is extremely excited to see what his future holds. He plans on taking his S.C.U.M. (Society Can’t Understand Me) lifestyle/movement to a broader scale with the upcoming releases of his projects.

    The Ep is Titled “Bizz-Arre“.That can be expected in the next 2-3 weeks, and the mixtape is probably going to be around November; it’s going to be called “The S.C.U.M Up“.”

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