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    Drake Ain’t No Bitch..But Kim Kardashian Ain’t Having It!!

    Ain’t no bitch in Drake!!

    Last night the Twitter world got there tweet’s worth on Kanye’s account.

    The rapper has seemed to finally have enough of the bad blood between him and Drake. Kanye has been known to do rants from time to time. But calling out Drake to apologize wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

    We know Drake’s more so of a lover than a fighter, but every now and than Drizzy roles up his sleeve. Mr. West seemed stirred up over the fact that Drake has been taking subliminal shots at him.

    Kanye proceeded to demand an apology from Drake regarding his behavior as of late. Soon we found out that Drake did get in contact with Yeezy, but not to apologize.

    Apparently, Drake threatens Kanye and boy ow boy did the issue escalate. Kanye starting ranting more about everything he’s done, even to the point of saying he’s Drake and Travis Scott’s idol.

    It was only a matter of time until Mrs. West gave her two cents. Kanye is surely angry, but is he really do an apology??

    But Kim Kardashian Ain’t Having

    But Kim Kardashian Ain’t Having-2
    Drake ain’t no bitch!! He’s fully gangsta and ready to let these clowns have it!!

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