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    “Is Ya Broke Or Busted??” The Judge Ain’t Gonna Say It No More!!

    For nearly two decades, Birdman has portrayed living like a King with beautiful women, expensive jewelry, fancy cars, boats, and even houses.

    The luxurious lifestyle has seemed to be fading from the former “Number One Stunna” Birdman Williams. There has been a consist rap sheet that Baby doesn’t like giving artist there just due, take a look at Tyga, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and others. The Birdman has continued to stay stunting, while the talent sales millions and get little to no check at the end of there run at Cash Money.

    Most recently Mr. Williams defaulted on a loan for his mansion, which cost him his mansion to go into foreclosure. A receiver placed a bunch of the Cash Money CEO’s personal property into storage and allegedly doesn’t plan on giving it back anytime soon.

    EMG Transfer Agent is suing the New Orleans native for $12 million for defaulting on the loan against his house. At the moment Brian’s platinum plaques, pool table, stereo equipment, and articles of clothes have been locked away.

    Birdman is in the process of countersuing the company, stating that the way the loan was structured that he would default eventually. In addition, Williams is currently engaged to vocalist Toni Braxton, and we can only wonder her thoughts on the whole ordeal.





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