Billy Porter Read Kevin Hart And His Supporters For Filth!

Billy Porter Read Kevin Hart

This is no doubt a very sensitive time for the gay community. And thanks to Billy Porter, us gays can rejoice that someone has spoken up on our behalf.

Kevin Hart sort of started a whirlwind of conversation and backlash that has opened the gay floodgates! It was Hart’s insensitive LGBTQ tweets to be exact. Which then lead to a gang of rebuttals and support. People like Nick Cannon came in to defend his “Husband of Hollywood” co-star by defending gays and exposing white female comics. Lena Waithe joined in on the matter and specified a great host for the Oscars, stating that it should indeed be a black gay comic. 

Since then, the issue has sort of died and left many to hate Kevin Hart for his anti-gay comments. But leave it to Mr. Billy Porter to open the closed wound and expose Hart and his supporters. In a recent statement, Porter stated the following:

Billy Porter Read Kevin
Billy Porter Read Kevin-1
Billy Porter Read Kevin-2

So, what do you think of the statements above? Is Mr. Porter correct or should be checked? Please drop a comment below and for more LGBTQ, keep it locked to!


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