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    Biggie Vs Pac! A Verzuz For The Culture.

    Biggie Vs Pac Verzuz’s battle may be the only thing to settle who is the better MC finally.

    Although Biggle and Tupac are no longer with us, there still might be a way to settle their rap beef. With virtually everyone enjoying the Verzuz battles that have been going on, maybe we can use that to help with the PAC and BIG debate.

    A live-streamed battle between the two legendary MC’s could prove to be entertaining and educational.  While most casual fans are aware of both rappers and their singles, only true hip-hop fans are familiar with the depth of their both men’s music catalog. A Verzuz battle would give fans, both old and new, a chance to get to listen to Biggie and Pac.

    Believe it or not, two decades have passed since the ’90s. Because of this, there is a slight disconnect between the stories of yesterday and the events of today. Generation Z folks know who Biggie and Pac were, but few understand why they should know.  Despite their different styles and approaches, both Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace were great artists.

    Biggie was the poet who used intricate rhyme schemes, tone, and wordplay to paint vivid pictures. Tupac was the poet, who used real-life examples, delivery, and expression to show the world it’s beautifully morbid reflection. Both men deserve timeless recognition for the contribution to literature and culture.

    Of course, the experience won’t be the same because both men are unable to be present. However, if done right, an event like this could be used for the greater good. Proceeds can be used to help charities and spread awareness about how long gun violence has been an issue in the black community.

     Tupac and Biggie’s unsolved murders show the value America has on Black Lives.

    The message is clear killing a black person has little to no consequence. It has been this way since before Jim Crow and will continue until will admit that it is his way. Black people need to come to terms with that , probably more than white people.

    As statics show, people are most likely to be killed by someone of the same race. Thus “Black on Black Crime” is as expected as “White on White crime.” However, when the message you send to All Americans is that it’s ok to kill people as long as they are black, even black Americans think the same thing. Black Americans thus become an easy target for all sadly, including ourselves. While it may not be fair that a broken system taught our value for black lives. As Will Smith says, it is our responsibility to do something about that, and that is changing our values.

    A Biggie Vs, Pac Verzuz battle, could serve as a platform for this conversation and more. More simply, it could also serve as a night for nostalgic millennials to have a chance to engage in a debate that has shaped our existence. Who is the better rapper Tupac or Biggie?


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