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    Bhad Bhabie Leaves Atlantic Records

    At some point in time, artists have to make changes in their life to excel in their music careers. The infamous ‘Cash Me Outside’ star Bhad Bhabie has definitely made some changes in her career. Her most recent change came when she decided to leave one of the biggest record labels in the world, Atlantic Records. Moreover, the female rapper had a great run at making music. Though, Bhad Bhabie reveals that rapping wasn’t her only means of making money. Instead, most of her income came from her OnlyFans account. At this point in her career, Bhad Bhabie could retire, no thanks Atlantic Records.

                Atlantic Records Didn’t “Properly Promote” Bhad Bhabie

    Atlantic Records
    via Times of Israel

    After her Dr. Phil appearance, Bhab Bhabie became famous for all the wrong reasons. It gained her the reputation for ‘being the girl with a bad attitude.’ Even her controversial antics didn’t help with Bhab Bhabie’s imagery. No one took the star seriously, especially not her music career. “It’s hard to take her seriously . . . She’s promoting acting irresponsibly,” an industry insider told Variety.

    Despite her ‘bad behavior’ though, Atlantic Records claimed that the star pulled in serious streaming numbers. After signing with the record label four years back in 2017, Bhabie has led a relatively successful music career. She’s worked with big-name artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Baby, Kodak Black, City Girls and Lil Yachty.

    Additionally, she’s even made chart-topping singles like “The Heaux.” She’s even become the youngest female rapper to debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Not to mention, she received a Billboard Music Award nomination for Best Female Rapper. Even with all the success Atlantic Records afforded her, the label didn’t promote the rapper to fullest. Ultimately, this led Bhab Bhabie to leave. Not only that, but it seems like the rapper might be taking a long hiatus from the HipHop industry.

    Most Of Her Income Stemmed From Her OnlyFans Account

    Atlantic Records
    via Global News

    Though, majority of the 18-year-old’s money didn’t come from making rapping. Instead, Bhab Bhabie has amassed millions of dollars from her OnlyFans account. According to Complex, the “Bestie” rapper reportedly made “ million within the first six hours of debuting her OnlyFans appearance.” During a recent interview with Variety, Bhab Bhabie revealed that she’s made so much money, that she could retire right now. Additionally, the star shared that she didn’t “spend years” pursuing a music career like some artists have done. Instead, her rap career was “handed to her.” Apparently, the star doesn’t need Atlantic Records to make it in the entertainment business.



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