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    Beyoncé’s Newest Album Renaissance Turns Into A Controversial Backlash

    Not So “Crazy In Love”

    The long-awaited Beyoncé album, Renaissance, was announced on Friday, Jul. 29. The “Break My Soul” star is getting some heat. Many fans are not so happy with the artist’s word choice.

    The Grammy winner is receiving backlash for a line in her song “Heated,” featured on her latest album, Renaissance, and it’s her first solo album since Lemonade. Many would think it would be a big moment for the “Single Ladies” star. However, it’s a stepping-back moment for Beyoncé.

    Removal of Beyonce’s Lyric

    In Beyoncé’s song, “Heated,” she uses one lyric that left many listeners outraged on social media. The music includes the word “spazz” during a verse. In which Beyoncé sings, “Spazzin’ on that a**, spaz on that a**.”

    For many fans worldwide, “spastic” refers to a disability that makes it difficult for people to control their muscles, especially in their arms and legs. According to Variety, Beyoncé’s team has removed the lyrics and replaced them. It follows, “Blastin’ on that a**, blast on that a**.”

    In many statements given to the public, Beyoncé’s intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings, and she felt horrible about how fans took it. Although, now, she has taken extra precautions to remove those lyrics and guarantees not to let it happen again more than ever.

    “About Damn Time” Star Strikes Prior

    Just recently, a few weeks earlier, Lizzo was called out on Twitter for using the same word, “spaz,” in her latest song, “GRRRLS.” Many fans like Beyoncé were surprised and hurt by her choice of words. With so much heat once noticed, the artist also changed her song.

    The “About Damn Time” star brought the change to Twitter to tell fans, “I understand the power words can have (whether intentionally or in my case unintentionally.) I’m proud to say there’s a new version of “GRRRLS” with a lyric change. This is the result of me listening and taking action.”

    Kelis “Milkshake” Star Speaks Up

    As if Beyoncé hasn’t gotten enough backlash; the R&B singer Kelis accused the superstar of theft for sampling her 2003 hit “Milkshake.” Without notifying Kelis, Beyoncé has now removed the track from her song “Energy” on her latest album, Renaissance.

    “Energy” was co-produced by Skrillex, Al Cres, BEAM, and Nova Wav. However, it did not mention Kelis in the songwriting and production credits.


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    Before the release, Kelis took to Instagram to call out Beyoncé for her doing and did not sugar coat it one bit. She added it would have been “common decency” if Beyoncé had informed her of using the sample beforehand.

    Hottest Album Of The Summer

    Despite the controversy both songs brought, Beyoncé’s and Lizzo’s songs are some of the summer’s hottest hits! They both have fans on repeat.

    The new Queen B album is full of solid and indulgent songs, including “Cuff It”, “Alien Superstar”, “Energy (feat. BEAM),” and many others. Beyoncé ‘s Renaissance album is the true definition of a good time and a celebration of freedom.

    In fact, Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” has been hailed as the unofficial anthem of this year and spent four weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. As the album is still pretty new, the songs can’t beat fans from wanting to get up and dance. Stream Renaissance on Spotify and Apple Music.


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