Beyonce’s Father is Offering a Class on How to be like Beyonce

Ever wanted to be like Beyonce? Well now there is actually a chance to do so! 

Matthew Knowles, the father of Beyonce is teaching a class on how to do so. For just $299, one will go through an intense bootcamp as they learn how to be the Queen Bey.

Beyonce will probably not have anything to do with the class itself, but its still a great opportunity to have her father teach it right? The General Admission for the class is $199, and the additional $100 will be to take a picture and have a private dinner with Matthew. There will be many big names and industry professional attending these classes, which I guess can be looked at as a plus, But is this really worth it?

Sources say that “All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion and Knowles reference booklet of industry definitions, contacts and additional useful information.”


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