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    Beyoncé, The Evolution of Cowboy Hats And Western Glam

    Are cowboy hats slowly becoming a trend?

    The cowboy hat has been a signature piece for rodeo life, but it has evolved into a bold statement piece over the years. Who is the first person you can think of wearing a cowboy hat for fashion and culture? If Shaina Twain is your answer, then you’re not thinking big enough. I am talking about Beyoncé.

    Beyoncé is an icon and the oversaturated version that we use to celebrate people and their art. A true icon is a chameleon who has made her mark in many industries. Now that we have established Yonce’s status let’s talk about how she has contributed to the evolution of western style, particularly the underrated yet overstated accessory cowboy hat.

    The OG Destiny Child artist has always been known to pay homage to her southern roots through fashion and lyrics. But she truly repped the south with her Lemonade Album, which was released in 2016.

    Beyoncé filmed her NOLA-themed "Formation" video at this historic Pasadena mansion | News | Archinect
    Beyoncé “Formation” video

    The music mogul’s music video visuals for “Formation” put a whole new twist to western fashion, from a wide-brim black cowboy hat to the Louisiana-styled gowns. Her Formation tour satisfied our need for more of Beyoncé’s new southern glam aesthetic. The people were given cowboy, fringe, and sparkle; this tour redefined Western culture and made it fab.

    Formation Tour

    Beyoncé: Tours: The Formation World Tour
    Beyoncé: Tours: The Formation World Tour

    Global Citizens Awards 2020

    Beyoncé Yellow Versace Jumpsuit 2018 Global Citizen Festival | POPSUGAR Fashion
    Beyoncé wardrobe at the Global Citizen Festival 2018

    Renaissance 2022

    Beyoncé to remove same ableist slur from RENAISSANCE that Lizzo did from her album - triple j
    Beyoncé Renaissance fashion wardrobe
    Beyoncé vows to change this 'Renaissance' lyric amid backlash - Los Angeles Times
    Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ wardrobe

    Beyonce glamorized and blazed the trail for other celebrities and fashionistas to get into formation. Lil Nas X is one of those celebs. The award-winning southern rapper is all about showcasing his identity through his wardrobe. Lil Nas X never misses the mark in the newly curated aesthetic, western glam. From hot pink to bedazzled cowboy hats, the “Industry Baby” singer not only understood the assignment but excelled, created, and ate it.

    Lil Nas X Is a Hot Pink Dream at the Grammys 2020 | Teen Vogue
    Lil Nas X Is a Hot Pink Dream at the Grammys 2020 | Teen Vogue

    If you are interested in adding some western glam items, check out Chandelier Cowboy Hats.

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