Beyonce’s Secret Lemonade Recipe: The Key 3 Ingredients

Beyonces Secret Lemonade

I know you all are wondering, “did Beyonce really create some Lemonade for our local supermarkets?” No, that is not the case. However if she did, every woman on the planet would be spending their last to buy it. This editorial is a quick goodie. A tease of sorts to refresh your curiosities on Queen B’s newest album release: LEMONADE. And though there are many of calculated opinions in this piece, there are many hidden truths I believe have been overlooked by the masses.

When you think of LEMONADE, the first thing that comes to mind is that iced up refreshing, tart beverage in a glass. Lemons are bitter, but the sugar is sweet. The balance between the two makes an almost inseparable flavor, especially if the recipe is done correctly. One too many tablespoons of sugar will spoil it. Three to four too many lemons will make the pitcher turn sour. The healthy balance is finding the mix that gives just enough for both sides of your tongue to enjoy at the same damn time.

Beyonce has created some of the World’s best tasting lemonade in audible form. Though you can’t taste it, you can picture it’s flavor by listening to the recipes embedded in her music. Composing of three key ingredients – Production, Lyrics & Controversy.

Sugar being the infectious production. Lemons being the honestly written lyrical content. Controversy being the water that brings the two together cohesively.

And when all three are stirred up in a pitcher, you get what you get. And Beyonce’s not measuring the ingredients at all, nor is she tasting it herself. This concoction wasn’t made to taste like the ‘best stuff on earth’. More like the ‘worse thing’ in your fridge. Our best guess is that this Lemonade is for someone very close to her who may have done a thing or two to deserve a nice cold sour glass.

And the world already has a good idea of who’s drinking it… Listen to her lyrics via Tidal, and you be the judge if you don’t know already. Our guess?

Her husband, Shawn Carter.

Here’s our decoding of Beyonce’s lemonade in bite-size form through the best reviews on the web. Let your mind wander. Though we may be wrong, we actually may be right about a few things.

We break Beyonce’s lemonade down to three simple words – “bitter sweet water.”

Bitter –

Sweet –

Water –

Part two, which is dropping next week where we break down key lryics that identify the cause and effect of this album’s purpose. Trust us, you don’t want to miss that.


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