The Beyhive Just Lit Dionne Warwick Ass Up On Twitter!! Don’t Come For The Queen

Over the years certain we’ve learned to appreciate legendary music artist. However, it clear that one, Beyonce music is timeless, and two don’t come for the Queen. This time the Beyhive is back, and they are putting a certified legend in their place. How about the likes of Dionne Warwick.

Don’t get us wrong, Dionne Warwick has paid her dues when it came to her clout in the music industry. However, her reputation recently took a hit when she spoke on the goddess known as Beyonce. During a Q&A with Warwick, the legendary singer questioned Beyonce’s status as an icon. Dionne hinted at the fact that she isn’t in the ballpark of Gladys Knight, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, or Patti Labelle. Instantly her comments turned into ammunition for Beyhive members globally.

Beyonce Dionne Warwick 

It did not take long before the songstress decided to recant her original comments. In the process, the legend decided to call out Essence for what was reflected. Overall before she could clear up anything the damaging statement was already done. The Twitterverse wasn’t backing down one bit. The 78-year-old performer is completely at a loss for words once everything said and done.

Surely Dionne must not have known that the Beyhive don’t play any games when it comes to Mrs. Carter. We hope that she learned her lessons going forward.

Has the Beyonce Dionne Warwick officially ended? Will Dionne stay away from questions going forward. Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

Featured Image Credit: Billboard


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