Bey And Jay Are EXPECTNG Again??? (Pics Inside)

Bey And Jay Are EXPECTNG Again

Could Jay-Z and Beyonce be possibly expecting another baby-bumpkin? The two were spotted on vacation in Italy enjoying some time together when MTO made the discovery.

According to MediaTakeOut:

“The usually svelte Beyonce appears to have put on some weight and seemed to have taken her shoes off to aid her swollen feet.”

“She was seen covering her midsection with her shopping bag as Jay Z and her entourage helped her through a crowd of fans after visiting a drug store.”

“She briefly waved to her fans but appeared concerned that her midsection was exposed and quickly made sure to place the black bag in front again.”

Looks like the couple may have it in the plans for a big family in the works.

Pics are below. You be the judge.


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