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Betsy DeVos Scrutinized for Trying to Defund the Special Olympics

Betsy DeVos is facing a heavy downpour of criticism over her latest budget proposal.

DeVos, who acts as the United States Secretary of Education, went to Congress to propose a plan that consisted of cutting billions of dollars from educational programs. DeVos proposed that programs, like the Special Olympics, have its $18 million in federal funding completely stripped. According to the Secretary of Education, it is not a federal program and raises enough money on its own already

DeVos stood before a congressional committee on Tuesday, as she pleaded the requests for the upcoming fiscal year. However, she was met with heavy criticism and backlash from the house panel– which is Democrat-controlled. Many questioned her choices, as they took them to be poor.

After shutting down her proposal, one committee member commented, “I still can’t understand why you would go after disabled children in your budget.” DeVos claims that she cares about disabled children, especially since she makes contributions towards the Special Olympics from her own salary. Yet when asked about how many children would be affected, DeVos could not provide an answer.

DeVos’ plan would have also eliminated necessary funding towards state grants for special education and cuts to programs specifically for helping students who are blind.

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