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    Best Meg Thee Stallion Collaborations On ‘Traumazine’

    So much for a “Hot Girl Summer’’. It feels like everyone has collectively decided that the vibe this summer is “House Music”. From Drake to Beyoncé switching things up on their respective albums, you can now add Houston’s Megan Thee Stallion to that list. I hate to say it but for her lead single, “Her” slightly missed the mark.

    Now that’s not to say the rest of the Traumazine didn’t hit, because that would be straight cap. Megan allowed her sophomore release to be an opportunity to speak her raw, unfiltered truth. Some people felt she could have come harder. I felt it wasn’t as bad as the criticism made it seem. But also it wasn’t as great as her fans made it out to be. Nevertheless, it was easily one of the best projects to release this summer. The best part about the album, hands down, has to be the features. Here are my 3 favorite features from Traumazine.

    1. “Pressurelicious” (ft. Future)

    I must say Meg is a better person than me because my pride/ego wouldn’t allow me to do like she did and admit that she spent a quarter million dollars to get Future on her album. If that was me, I would’ve taken that to the grave. Nevertheless, at least she can sleep calmly at night knowing her money was well spent. Future Hendrix went ballistic on his verse. My only complaint was he didn’t have to keep it short and sweet, especially for the hefty price tag that Meg had to cough up.

    2. “Budget’ (ft. Latto)

    It’s about damn time! I have been eagerly waiting for Latto and Meg to do a song together for the longest, especially when Latto made a cameo appearance in the “Wap” music video. My dream finally came true last week. Meg and Latto sound great together. It’s great to see the rap girls working together and embracing each rather than pointlessly beefing. I hope to see more collaborations down the line with these two. I cross my fingers that they have a collaboration album on the way based on how well their aggressive sounds mesh together.

    3. “Who Me” (ft. Pooh Shiesty)

    I’m glad I got to witness the resurgence of Memphis rap. Legends like Project Pat or Juicy J crawled so that the new age of Memphis rappers could run. While he may be currently incarcerated, 1017’s Pooh Shiesty is my favorite out of all of them. He’s at that right age where he is hungrier than ever. Pooh brought that heat for Meg on “Who Me”. You can tell that he didn’t mail in his verse, and did the song for the love of music. Hopefully, they free him soon so I can see these two perform this on a festival stage. This is one of those songs that’s going to get everyone hype. Until then, free Mr. Shiesty, the rap game desperately misses him.

    If this album left you feeling underwhelmed, I wouldn’t be too worried. Allegedly, this album was Meg’s last contractual fulfillment with her label 1501. I personally feel like this is why she didn’t go all out. So take this album with a grain of salt, because her next release will be the true test. This album showed me that Meg still has some gas left in the tank. But most importantly, it showed that whether you like it or not, Thee  Stallion is here to stay.

    Let us know what collaborations on Traumazine stood out to you.


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