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    Ben Gore brings artists together for “Your Favorite Rapper” book

    Last fall UK artist Ben Gore created 21 hip-hop tarot cards paying homage to his favorite artists.

    Next month, Gore and 21 other artists from multiple countries have come together to release “Your Favourite Rapper,” a collection of portraits of various rappers from Danny Brown to Earl Sweatshirt to Cam’ron.

    “This project is like my love letter to rap,” said Ben Gore.

    Gore explained to HF that one of his favorite rapper’s is Nas because of his innovative wordplay and clever rhymes.

    “What stood out to me as a kid was the lyrics,” said Gore. “Hearing “Rewind,” which is a song that essentially that starts at the beginning and goes backward was a concept I had never seen before.”

    Gore hopes these portraits capture each rapper’s persona and personality.

    The artists involved are: Jay Bartlett, Oliver Macdonald Oulds, BenGore, Alexander James Vynne, Andrew Burns, Adam Campbell, Verity Slade, Tommy Bold, Hamza, Derek Stewart, Claire Louise Tarrant, Jesse Russell Galbraith, Otso Perasaari, Tom Taylor, Kevin Keates, Barry Chills, Joel Benjamin, Alexander Norton, Leo Kember, Daniel Blackburn and Sam Lloyd.

    The book will launch at an exhibition of the art in Brighton on April 8 at The Project Space. You can see a full selection of the work at and the book is currently available for pre-order at poster mock up

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