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    Bella Kelly Is Deadly Dark Love In “Heartbreak Motel” Video

    New Alternative Popstar Bella Kelly is a cupid of destruction at a remote hotel with the release of her new music video for the latest track “Heartbreak Motel.”

    In the Vicente Cordero-directed horror video, Kelly is edgy, alternative, dark, emotional and high fashion as she walks door to door and unleashes darkness to all guests that lead to their break-ups, then death. Bella is a chameleon who can change shape and form so easily and yet always stays true to herself. Her enchanting and haunting voice sits on an apparently simple texture of sounds, the perfect stage for this incredibly moving, intimate performance. Stream Kelly’s new single today via Flying Boy Entertainment.

    On “Heartbreak Motel,” Bella’s breathtaking, innocent yet imposing beauty and her signature shaved head are now framed by majestic black wings and a black dress that turns what was a beautiful cenobite-like creature in the first video into a now full-blown goddess.The new form of Bella Kelly. The video is the perfect combination of edgy, alternative, dark, emotional and high fashion. The crown wore by Bella in the video is a custom piece made for her by world-renowned artist Cecilio Design already known for making custom pieces for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Doja Cat, Cher, Ghostemane and many more.

    Slow-motion camera action adds to the intimate vibe of the song. Bella Kelly is not just a fresh and talented new artist. She’s a poet whose words are disarmingly striking in their simplicity, Bella Kelly is going to be a new icon not just because of her art but because of her soul and persona. She is very different than how the traditional “pop star” is represented in our time. Bella is candid, real, anti-star and anti-popularity contests. She’s been bullied for simply being herself, for not caring about being “cool”. She has now taken all her insecurities and fears and put them into powerful heartfelt lyrics. Bella hopes her music will help others who struggle with feelings of isolation, pain and trauma.

    Take a look at Kelly’s latest above, which will lead to a forthcoming project, expected in 2022. For more on Bella Kelly, follow the new songstress on social media.



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