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    Belgium Rapper Lil Sil Releases New “Anything You Want” Single

    19-year-old rising Belgium rapper Lil Sil has officially released his first single of the year titled “Anything You Want”. As he is a part of the millennial generation of rappers, his original sound is right on point. Having found success last year with his singles “Candy Crush” and “91”, this emcee is ready to captivate the minds of music listeners worldwide.

    The good thing about being young in this day in age is the power of social media related videos games like Fortnite. Fortnite is how the Belgium rapper broke into the mainstream music circuit.

    Born in a uniquely mixed household to a Gambian mother and Belgian father shaped his deep appreciation for his heritage and city; which he credits as an ongoing inspiration for his music. Fluent in 5 languages, Sil brings a global, youthful perspective to the melodic trap rap scene.

    His bilingual background allows him to reach audiences organically in different countries, giving him a leg up on the competition. With “Anything You Want” Sil shows listeners that he is a lover and not a fighter. His most notable song “91” has become a staple within the gaming community, used by numerous high-profile Fortnite players in their live streams.

    Currently in Belgium, Sil is crafting the finishing touches on his debut EP and plans to continue feeding his growing fanbase new singles in the meantime. Press play below to stream his new “Anything You Want” single.




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